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Avail Career- Based Courses From Albany University And Become A Successful Medical Practitioner

images (4)The education has spread itself in the wide range throughout the world. There are lots of gates of education that has been opened for the students for making their career and future bright with them at the university in new york. New York is one of the finest cities of the world and the scope of the career is better in this city than any other. There are miscellaneous institutes under the new york university that are offering several courses for the pupils but it is seen often that the pupils find themselves in affix while choosing their career after the school education. Here in this discussion the students may get to know the information regarding the Albany Medical College, one of the most reputed ones among the colleges of the new york university.

download (2)Albany in general:

Albany Medical College was founded by some reputed doctors namely Dr Amos Dean and Thomas Hun in 1839. The year suggests that it is one of the oldest colleges of the new york university. It also has the medical center in the compound. The faculty members are majorly renowned award winners. In the laboratory of these colleges many important discoveries are made including the oral rehydration therapy, the leptin hormone etc.

Courses of the college:

Various courses are done over here majorly the medical programs through which one can get the MD degree and beside this the normal graduation courses are also done in the college. The main courses that are taught here are:

  • Physician Assistant Studies: one can get the M.S. degree by pursuing this course in the university of new york.
  • Bioethics: this is another course taught over here regarding the moral values and ethics of the biomedical science. M.S. degree can be gained in this course also at the university of new york.
  • Nurse Anesthesiology: it is the course regarding the nursing and also the training of anesthesia. One can take up the career of the nurse or the anesthetist by pursuing this course at the university of new york.

These are the courses through which one can get only the MS degree and these are some of the courses through which one can get M.S. and also the Ph.D. degree:

  • Neuropharmacology and Neuroscience: the latter as the name says is the study of neurology and the total nervous system, and the former is the study of treating the issues regarding the same especially the medicines at the university in new york.
  • Cardiovascular Science: It is very demanding course as it is concerned with the issues related to the heart and the blood vessels.
  • Cell biology and Cancer: another name for it is cytology and it is concerned about the cancer and the issues regarding the cells and their structures.
  • Immunology and microbiology: the issues regarding the immunity and the microbiology are the main parts of this.

The admission can be got by the eligible students only irrespective of any other things at the university in new york.

Albany College Of Pharmacy And Health Sciences – New York

Albany College Of Pharmacy And Health Sciences

Albany College Of Pharmacy And Health Sciences is a private and independent college offering education in healthcare Sciences. One of its two campuses is situated in Albany, New York which also supposes to be main campus of the college. The college was established in 1881.

Bachelor’s programs of the college are:-
B.S. in Biomedical Technology- with emphasis on clinical laboratory science

B.S. in Chemistry- in various disciplines like organic, inorganic, biochemistry, physical and analytical

B.S. in Health and Human Sciences- a blend of various disciplines to promote public health in a systematic way

B.S. in Microbiology- program entailing interaction of microorganisms with human beings

B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences- pharmaceutical scientists are there to serve society by discovering and improving medications


Graduate programs of the college
Pharmaceutical Sciences- for discovery, enhancement and examining new medicines and drugs

Health Outcomes Research- for knowledge of various outcomes of medical interventions

Biotechnology- best suited for people presently working as laboratory technologists

Cytotechnology and Molecular Cytology- program amalgamating traditional cytotechnology and biomedical technology in a very efficient manner

Biotechnology-Cytotechnology- for making career in healthcare professions and scientific research field


The college also conducts some joint degree programs like:-
B.S./M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences- for pursuit of career in pharmaceutical industry or biomedical research field

B.S./M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies- for making career as physician assistant

B.S./M.D. (Pre-Med)- special program for aspirants of pharmaceutical science career options

B.S./J.D. (Law)- preparing lawyers understanding legal needs of people engaged in healthcare professions

Pharm.D. or B.S./M.S. in Clinical Leadership in Health Management- programs enhancing leadership skills required in healthcare management

Pharm.D. or B.S./M.B.A. in Health Systems Administration- for pursuing career as administrator in a healthcare service organization

According to interest and inclinations, students can register in any of the student organizations of the college like African Student Association, Dance Team, Outdoors Club, Tennis Club, Association of Managed Care Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi etc. Moreover, the college knows importance of health and wellness in academic life, so they provide health services to all students free of charge.

All students of the college are issued advisors to guide them in their academic life on various issues. Students can seek suggestions from them on course selection, extracurricular activities, research etc. The college also runs a career services office which helps students in assessing career options, finding good career opportunities and preparing for interview etc.