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What Are The Programs To Be Pursued Under Adelphi University?

download (4)Education is the thing that is essential in everyone’s life. People nowadays are very much conscious about their career and they want to be established properly with the help of their education. The New York city is the place where the people can get maximum scopes for their career. The courses over there are very relevant to the present world and to utilize it for making the future well built. The Adelphi University is one of the most renowned ones among any other university in new york.

Adelphi University apparently:

This is the university in new york which is the oldest university in new york, the Long Island and is quite renowned among the all other. It is rewarded for its good performance. At first it was made at the college named the Adelphi College in the year 1863 and then slowly by spreading the wings for the higher education it has grown itself as the Adelphi University in the year 1964.

download (3)Various programs of the University:

There are various programs in the university in new york for the students. The programs are for the benefits of them in the new york university ny. The programs are all according to the need and relevance to the present world and one can pursue the courses for several degrees. From the initial degree the student can learn for the higher most degree. The programs are:

  • The programs for the bachelor degree: there are arts, science and business administration as the streams from which the student can choose their program in the new york university ny. The programs which are available in arts stream are- Bachelor degree in Communication, Psychology, Theatre, Dance, Sociology, Music Education and so on. In the stream of science the available courses are- the bachelor degree in Biology, Physics, Physical Education, Interdisciplinary Studies etc. in new york university ny. And there are Management, Marketing, human resource, Management Information etc. for the business administration course. These are all the undergraduate programs and can be pursued for the for the bachelor degrees only.
  • The programs for the Masters degree: in this part the streams are divided into many more parts and they are not limited in some particular few streams in new york university in new york.  The programs are like Master degree in arts and its various streams like the Fine arts, Creative writing, Studio Art etc., Mental health counseling, Environment Studies, elementary education, business administration including its all the sections like the management, marketing, human resource and so on, childhood special education, physical education, nursing, sports management, audiology and many more in new york university in new york.
  • Joint degree Programs: in this section the joint degree courses like the Engineering, Optometry, Physical Therapy, Osteopathic medicine etc are also studied in the new york university in new york.
  • The International program: the Adelphi University has collaborated with almost 120 countries and due to which the university can have many international programs according to the students. Each year many students from other countries come over here to get the education on the proper field.


Adelphi University – A University In New York

Adelphi UniversityAdelphi University is a private University situated Garden City, Nassau County, New York. The University is nonsectarian, not having any relation with any religious sect or political party. The college was established in 1863. In is constituted by various schools and colleges like College of Arts and Science, University College, Honors College, Gordon F. Derner institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, Robert B. Willumstad School of Business, School of Social work, Ruth S. Ammon School of Education and School of Nursing.

The University has accreditation from various organizations like Middle States Association of College and Schools, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, American Speech Language Hearing Education, Council on Social Work Education, New York state Education department, American Psychological Association, national Council for Accreditation of Teachers Association and The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. It’s also member of Association of American College and Association, Commission of Independent Colleges and Universities, New York’s Private College AND Universities and College Board.


Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology- Comprehensive study of sociology

Bachelor of Arts in Biology- with adequate research facility

Bachelor of Arts in Communications- Enhancing communication skills

Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance- for those who have flair for dancing

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies- With optional courses from various disciplines

Bachelor of Science in Music Education- preparing educators for music

Bachelor of Science in physics- with lots of career options

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology- understanding human psyche

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre- Learning performing arts

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting- For professionally required accounting skills

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management- in finance, management information system, marketing and human resource management

Bachelor of Science in Physical Education- including vast knowledge of physical education

Graduate Program

Master of Arts in Studio Arts- Mastery in performing Arts

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing- developing creative writing skills

Master of Science in Environmental Studies- studying relationship between living things and environment

Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling- for pursuit of career as mental health counselor

Master of Business Administration- in accounting, management, health service management, marketing, finance, human resource management and management information system.

Master of Arts in Elementary Education – preparing teachers for elementary education

Master of Science in Childhood Special Education- for pursuing career as educator in field of special education

Doctor of Audiology- for gaining expertise in audiology practices

Master of Arts in Physical Education- certificate program in physical education

Master of Science in Sports Management- preparing sports managers

Master of Science in Nursing- in nursing education, nursing administration and adult health nurse practitioner

Student services offered by the college like counseling, health services, security on the campus, financial assistance and career counseling are very good.