Be The Jewish Leader Through Academic Field: Hebrew Union college

downloadNew York is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. It has the wonderful educational system. The students are provided by the liberty of studying whatever they wish. For the minorities also the New York university of the city has a different educational system. There are separate educational institutes also if they want to study separately. The institutes are well recognized by the New York university. The students are not recognized separately by the others if they study in the institutes but the students somehow get the comfort of being in their homely atmosphere and so they can study properly.

Hebrew Union college:

This college of a New York university has the total atmosphere of the Jews. The Jewish leadership is the main motive of the institute. The college of NYU New York university was established in the year of 1875 beneath the leadership of Rabbi Issac Mayer Wise. It was situated in Cincinnati in Ohio. The main campus of the college of NYU New York university is over there. The graduation banquet is celebrated over here with the food those are basically Jewish like the clams, shrimp, frogs’ legs, soft-shell crabs and dairy products. Dairy products are served after the main meal. The banquet is called the treifah banquet. There are two types of rabbis in the college of NYU New York university. One is the traditional and the other is the reformed. Therefore there were the two Judaism like the orthodox and the reformed. To find the middle way of the two the American Conservative Judaism is formed.


The first campus of New York university NY was created in the year 1875 and the second campus was created in 1950 in the New York city after New York university NY. It is mergimages (2)ed with the Jewish Institute if Religion and formed. The extra campuses were built in Los Angeles in 1954 and in Jerusalem in the year 1963. It is the institute of religion but also varieties of courses and the professional programs of graduation are included in the programs of the college of New York university NY. Beside the Rabbinical school there are the subjects like education, Biblical archeology, sacred music, Jewish communal service, Israeli Rabbinical programs and so on.

The academic courses:

As it is said before that the main motive of the college is to make the Rabbi leaders for the future so their academic courses are leaning to that only. There are different courses regarding the same motive. There are courses to become a Rabbi or the Cantor. There are options for being the Leader in Jewish Education, Scholar or a Pastoral Counselor. The students can choose from them and study in the particular subjects to reach to the aim in the future.

The admission process:

The admission process goes same in each of the four campuses. The upcoming events are to be seen by the students to get the maximum chances to study their expected courses. The fees and the financial formalities should be noticed properly before getting the admission in the same.


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