Some Notable Aspects Of One Of The Most Dynamic Universities In New York-The Columbia University

images (1)When we talk about education, precisely high quality education, the Columbia University in the New York City is one of the most preferred institutions for higher learning. It is the fifth oldest university in the United States of America. The University campus was first located on the 49th Street and Madison Avenue and stood there for forty years but the president of the University, Seth Low thought of having a village of academics that has more space also that is why it shifted to its existing location on Morningside Heights in New York. It is considered to be the best university in New York for higher studies.

The architectural eye-candy of the Columbia University, University at New York, is its Low Memorial Library named after Seth Low’s father in his honor. The architecture of the building follows a Roman classic style which is also registered in the Register of Historic Places of the New York City. The library is filled with a rich collection of latest editions of books, journals, research, papers, and may other study materials.

The University in New York, the Columbia University offers a wide range of distinguishable courses across all the levels of education. It offers courses, programs, full time programs, part time programs, summer courses, fall winter courses, and certificate courses in diverse fields through its fifteen affiliated schools and colleges. The coursework designed by the Columbia University, university at New York is apt for all its courses offered which prepares students to acquire in-depth knowledge of their areas of study. The advanced level courses are unbeatable because the level and quality of research that is carried during the course of study is commendable. The research papers are also published on wider and renowned platforms to expose the quality of research that is carried out in this university of New York.

images (50)The Columbia University, university of New York offers distinct courses in varied spheres of study including Architecture, Dental studies, Medical studies, Engineering and Applied science, Arts and Sciences, Nursing, law. Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Business Management, and the list still continue. The campus is equipped with state-of-art educational facilities and infrastructure. Because of its wide sphere of courses, thousands of residents and international students desire to pursue education from this prestigious university at New York.

Columbia University is also remarkable for its dynamic and vibrant students’ life. The campus has many students union, clubs, sports clubs, social cause fraternity, and any other small students groups that function with an objective of addressing various issued in the campus that need to be improved. They also see to it that each and every student of the university is ensured security and safety. That is why; hardly few cases have been reported of abuse and discrimination. The university also has incorporated various laws and regulations to ensure safety of students in the campus.

The Columbia University in New York is known for its blend of education and extracurricular activities. That is why; students get an opportunity to develop in all aspects.