Advanced Certificate In Conservation From The Institute Of Fine Arts, University Of New York

images (45)Choosing an altogether distinguished field of study is quite difficult, especially when the options of universities offering such distinguished courses are also limited. But in such circumstances, you should definitely take a tour online to the New York University because it always has offered distinguished courses which other universities have started offering nowadays. So it is for sure, that the university definitely has something in-store for everyone.

If your aim is to have a professional career in conservation; NYU, the University in New York is the final destination. The Institute of Fine Arts at the New York University offers a distinct advanced certificate program in Conservation which is hardly offered by other universities. This Institute is dedicated to learn the conservation and technology of historic artefacts and works of art. The aim of the Centre is to prepare students for broad careers in conservation by offering a dual degree four-year program that blends scientific, archaeological, historical, and curatorial studies of construction of art works with practical experience in conservation. This unique program allows students to enrol in the MA program in the art history and simultaneously take up research projects, seminars, laboratory work in special areas related to conservation.

NYU, the university in New York has designed the curriculum in such a distinguished manner that students acquire intensive experience in conservation by means of rigorous fieldwork coupled with an internship of nine months. Additional experience is also provided to students through formal work projects such as summer archaeological excavations. Curses are also provided in technical art history for students already pursuing studies in archaeology, history, and curatorial studies with an intention to acquaint them with the need for preservation, physical structure of work of art, and the probabilities and drawbacks of conservations.

NYU, the University in New York has designed the curriculum of program with 69 points in total that are a summation of 24 points in MA in art history along with three electives and two compulsory seminars and the remaining 45 points come from fifteen courses in conservation. The first year of conservation introduces students to some basics but important areas of fundamentals of material images (44)science, preventive care, and conservation, so that a strong foundation is built for students. Students need to choose their area of specialization in the second year. They can choose from paper, objects, paintings, textiles, photographs, or new/digital media. If the students’ area of specialization is in library and archive conservation, then they need to begin with it during their first year only and they also need to mention the same in their application. Advanced level courses in any of these specified courses are also offered by the New York University.

In the fourth year, students’ internship in conservation gets over within two semesters. The internship could be at any establishment within the country or abroad also based upon the students areas of specializations.

A blend of studies with practical experience gives students maximum exposure in the field of Conservation which even broadens the scope of the students.