Courant Institute Of Mathematical Sciences At The New York University

images (26)Mathematics and Science are the most technical fields and require dedication to be understood them thoroughly. If you hail from mathematics and science background and wish to pursue an advanced program in the same field for a bright career, then you probably should look into the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (CIMS) at the New York University in New York. CIMS falls under the Faculty of Arts and Science and is one of the best institutes that offers ace quality course of study for mathematical research. Although CIMS is an independent institution, students receive a degree of NYU-CAS and NYU-GSAS.

CIMS at the University of New York offers an assortment of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs focusing on mathematics and computer science thoroughly. The primary objective of CIMS is to provide students excellent opportunities and educational facilities to students so that they can discuss mathematical research in-depth in an individual department known as the “math lounge”. The core aim of the programs is to build strong problem solving and quantitative skills within students by means of teamwork. For computer science students, the CIMS have a “computer lounge” built for students where students can access the computers for studying by advanced means of learning.

At the New York University CIMS, students can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science. The undergraduate course contains two minors; one in the web programming and applications and the other in the computer science and a combined major in computer science/ mathematics. Students can also choose to pursue honors simultaneously with B.A. Degree. The Department of Computer Science also offers a dual degree program in engineering and computer science and students obtain a degree of BS/BE on successful completion of this program. An Accelerated master’s program is also available at the CIMS in the University of New York which is in close association with NYU-Poly.

As far as Mathematics is considered, students can obtain a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics at CIMS in the New York University in New York. The Department offers a wide range of distinct courses and programs focusing on Applied Mathematics. All the lectures in these programs are delivered by highly knowledgeable professors and renowned practitioners. Almost all the professors have excelled in the fields of research and have even obtained PhD Degrees.

images (25)The master program designed by the New York University in New York is an extensive and more précised program which allows students to acquire one degree out of six master’s degrees that are offered by the Departments at CIMS. The only objective of these masters program is to broaden the perspective of the students so that they obtain wider opportunities in life with update skills and knowledge in mathematics and computer science.

Students at the advanced PhD program in computer science at the NYU-CIMS need to acquire an A/A- grade in their final examination of algorithms, systems, applications, and in that course which is chosen by students at the PhD level.

For a PhD in Mathematics, students can opt for any of the course out of Computational Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics and Atmosphere Ocean Science. All the students are paid a stipend for 9 months in the PhD program. Students even can choose to pursue a master’s degree simultaneously with PhD program.