The College of Dentistry, New York University Provides The Best Dentistry Program

images (9)Dentistry can be pursued y only those who are passionate about learning dentistry. It is a highly specialized faculty that requires specific set of skills and appropriate knowledge as you would be treating humans in future. The College of Dentistry at the University New York (NYUCD) offers distinct courses in dentistry which includes pre-doctoral and postdoctoral programs. The NYUCD even offers an MS program in clinical research, biomaterials, and oral biology/biology.

Advanced Placement into DSS Program:

The New York University College of Dentistry offers a distinguished Advanced Placement into DSS Program for existing dentists who are trained on an international level and wish to practice dentistry in United States of America. Accredited by the Commission on dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association, this program is a fulltime three year program; it allows students to enroll in this program after pursuing graduation in dentistry. This program equips students with all the educational needs that are necessary for licensure after completion of this program successfully.

The University of New York is always looked up as a renowned institution which automatically adds on credentials to the students’ life.  The NYUCD provides students with the best of the best educational facilities which includes high-tech laboratories equipped with the latest technology which allows students to do a quality research by accessing these facilities. After completion of this program, students can take the examination for licensure so that they can successfully practice dentistry in future. The NYU College of Dentistry is one of the most renowned and preferable colleges to pursue dental education.

Joint degree- BA-DDS program:

images (8)A joint degree BA-DDS program is offered by the College of Dentistry by the New York University. It is a combined degree program of seven years which includes comprehensive dental education. It is perfectly appropriate for high school graduates who aim to have a professional and good career in dentistry. Students can easily earn a Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees on successful completion of this program. The initial three years of this program are to complete in the undergraduate institution while the remaining four years at the original College of Dentistry. Educating students with behavioral and social sciences by virtue of understanding the requirements of the patients and even the professional dentists is the primary objective of this course.

Pre-doctoral DDS program:

The pre-doctoral DDS program curriculum designed the University New York aims at educating professionals in the healthcare industry who feel important to promote health. This program focuses on enhancing the existing skills of professionals in terms of diagnosing, maintaining, and preventing disorders, and other oral-affecting conditions. It emphasizes on educating students to broaden their perspective about behavioral sciences, clinical sciences and biomedical sciences which integrates social issues related to public well-being and general health. The curriculum designed by the University New York College of Dentistry is entirely a cross-disciplinary course. The extensive four-year curriculum emphasizes on promotion and prevention of health disorders, lifelong learning, critical thinking, and significance of evaluation of literature critically. Throughout the entire course of study, there are six identified fields that have their own significance in each advancing year but are integrated uniquely to prepare students thoroughly with an aim allow them beginning their practice in the general dentistry.