The NYU School of Law- A Great Hub To Pursue Law Studies

images (21)To pursue law courses, there are plenty of colleges and schools for aspirants looking to make a good career in the law field. But the challenging part comes when students need to choose a university that offers an appropriate program on Law. If you are stuck up in such a situation, then you should definitely give a thought to the New York University for pursuing law or further studies in law.

The New York University School of Law is renowned and notable for its distinguished courses that are offered in Law. The New York University is located in Manhattan and is one of the oldest universities and schools in the City of New York. The School offers varied courses for under graduation and graduation levels. Students can even pursue an advanced level program from this school. Known for its peculiar study curriculum, the School of law at NYU is believed to be one of the most renowned law schools in the entire United States of America. The School has been ranked on the 6th position in USA which is rather enough to explain why.

The School of Law at NYU is specially noted for its peculiar tax law and international law programs which have been ranked 1st consistently in the country. All the programs are delivered by professors who are extremely qualified and knowledgeable and even keep themselves updated with dynamics of the law field that keep happening within the legal system of the nation. They try their best to pass on the same knowledge and skills to the students so that they too develop the skills and acquire knowledge and even understand the importance of enhancement of knowledge by means of updating. Numerous class assignments related to the law field are assigned to students at individual and team levels. This is incorporated by the New York University to prepare student thoroughly by means of self study. Thus, students get to learn and understand the concepts of law on their own by mean of individual and team presentations.

images (20)The L.L.M in the taxation program of the NYU School of Law is believed to be one of the most strongest and challenging programs in the United States of America. Students can choose to enroll either in a full time regular program or even in specialization programs that are dedicated to specific areas related to law such as business taxation or estate planning. Specialization programs come under the advanced level programs and can be pursued only when students have successful completed their graduation in the Law field. The course and curriculum of these programs is really tough which is why; greatly qualified professors and noted practitioners; who themselves hold PhD degrees in that particular elective; are chosen to deliver lectures on the concepts contained in these programs.

As the New York University is into tie-ups and partnership programs, students can now earn LLB and LLM Degrees within a period of only three and a half years rather than four years which is really worth mentioning because students get a post graduate degree within such a short span of time and even six months get saved. The NYU School of Law even offers a dual degree program because of its association with the Faculty of Law University of Melbourne Law School and National University of Singapore.