Learn About The Ace Quality Studies At The University Of New York-CIMS

header02Established with a mission to provide ace quality education and educational facilities, the New York University is ranked on the 2nd position worldwide. 18 schools and colleges are affiliated to the NYU amongst which the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (CIMS), under the Faculty of Arts and Science, is one of the best institutes for mathematical studies and research in the world. CIMS has been ranked No.1 in applied mathematical research. Although CIMS is run independently, all its undergraduate and graduate programs are associated with NYU-CAS and NYU GSAS.

CIMS of the New York University in New York offers a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs in mathematics and computer science. The core aim of CIMS is to provide facilities and opportunities to all the students to deeply discuss mathematical research in the special math lounge. The aim of the programs is inculcate within students strong quantitative and problem-solving set of skills via teamwork. A computer lounge is built by CIMS to facilitate ease of access to computers throughout the course of study.

Students at New York University’s CIMS can earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Computer science from the Department of Computer Science. The undergraduate course comprises of two minors-one in computer science and the other in web programming and applications and a joint minor in mathematics/computer science. Students can also pursue honors along with B.A. degree. The Department also offers a dual degree BS/BE in computer science and engineering. Accelerated master’s program is also offered to successful qualifying undergrads in association with NYU-Poly.

BENAROUS_2006Students at New York University’s CIMS can earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in mathematics from the Department of Mathematics. A wide array of courses can be pursued by students in applied mathematics which are taught by highly-qualified faculty excelled in research and teaching.

The Master’s program at CIMS, New York University in New York, allows students to earn any one out of the six master’s degrees offered by the Departments. The aim of the Master’s program is to enhance the existing skills of the students in mathematics and computer science and develop new set of skills competent to the 21st century challenges.

The PhD programs at NYU-CIMS are much more advanced. For PhD in computer science, students must receive an A/A- grade in the final examination in systems, algorithms, applications, and a course chosen by students at PhD level. For a PhD in Mathematics, students can choose courses from Computer Science, Computational Biology, Mathematics and Atmosphere-Ocean Science. In addition, most of the CIMS-PhD students are granted 9-month stipend. CIMS students also have an opportunity to get a master’s degree while pursuing PhD program for an accelerated study pattern. It is compulsory for all the PhD students to take a written examination, preliminary oral exam, and lastly, create a dissertation.

Will it not be rewarding to earn a degree from the most prestigious universities of the world- the New York University?

NYU Tisch School Of The Arts- The Best School To Pursue Professional Degree In Performing Arts

8.-New-York-University-300x130Is there an artist hidden in you who is passionate about dancing and doing theatres? Are you interested in taking up a professional theater course to give a boost to your career by obtaining broader scope? If the answer is yes, pull up your socks and take up a professional degree from the University of New York Tisch School of the Arts. It is a highly renowned school equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for learning and training.

Tisch at the University of New York is the country’s foremost professional training institute that offers a comprehensive training to students in acting, production, directing, musical performance, stage management, and design. Coupled with training, the study curriculum is also innovative and expansive in theatres. Students get a perfect balance between training and theory in theatres.

The NYU Tisch has an extensive curriculum for drama which is categorized into four divisions:

Professional training: it is further divided into two phases; a primary training in the first two years to give students a foundation to develop their skills and advanced training; which is begun only when students develop the skills which are required for further training. Advanced training can be taken by students in the form of internships, study abroad programs, or through specialization.

Theatre Studies: this course focuses on theories of historical aspects of theatres. The curriculum is spread over dramatic literatures, theatres history, world drama, and dramatic theory and criticism. A chain of Applied Theatre courses are offered which takes theatres to an advanced level out of the traditional sphere.

General Education: Liberal Arts courses are offered in the NYU College of Arts and Science. Students get an opportunity to take double-major or minor in various subjects. If studies at CAS, students would not be required to spend extra time at NYU and can complete the double-major or minor course comfortably.

Electives: students can take up from various elective subjects offered by the departments including subjects like private voice lessons, stage combat, audition techniques, and dance classes.

1325930390072Thus, the University of New York Tisch School of College offers a distinct curriculum from Institute of Performing Arts. Students also get various opportunities to interact with highly professional lecturers and artists who share their experiences of this artistic world of drama. The College being located in the heart of the New York City, it gives an exciting opportunity to students to participate in various cultural events and programs hosted by the city. This gives an in-depth knowledge to the students by practical learning.

With world-class facilities offered by the University of New York, all the students get their perfect hands on various activities of handling cameras, lights, sound control boxes, and many other types of equipment.

Get the best professional degrees from one of the oldest and the most prestigious universities worldwide the New York University and take your career to the next level.

Get Professional Education From The Upcoming Urban Informatics Center Of NYU

MICUE-LogoWith a mission to provide best education to national and international students for overall growth and bright career opportunities, the New York University is about to launch a new public-private research center- Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), which would be mainly focusing on urban informatics with a vision to develop new experts by the use urban data, analyze it and bring out modern solutions for better productivity and equitability of urban systems including the government, the private sector, the security organizations, and the social scientists. This center would be opening shortly in September 2013 and would be put up in the MetroTech Center in Downtown Brooklyn.

Although NYU-CUSP is the upcoming Center, NYU-Poly and other schools of the New York University have already begun developing the curriculum for students who would be enrolling in this newest school. This center would be a degree-granting institute in the fields of computer science, civil engineering, and electrical engineering. Students of NYU-Poly and other schools of the New York University would be directly invited to CUSP to pursue further studies.

The upcoming CUSP of the New York University in New York has already decided to offer MS in Applies Urban Science and Informatics with tenure of one year. The core aim of this program is to provide students with the abilities and skills to utilize large scale date from different sources, to analyze it thoroughly and apply the outcomes in today’s world with reference to the urban context. This program is aimed to develop the abilities within students to identify, gather, analyze, and communicate important data from variety of sources.  The program also focuses on delivering deep knowledge of urban science and urban informatics in diverse urban domains inclusive of energy, transportation, buildings, etc. Throughout the program, students would learn to identify and asses urban problems, evaluate the needs and use modern analytical approaches to bring out solutions. The program demands science, mathematics, or engineering background to apply for MS in Applied Urban Science and Informatics.

post-sandy_0Another program to be offered by the New York University– CUSP will be an Advanced Certificate program which would be extended over three semesters. Students who wish to blend their graduate studies with applied work in urban informatics, or bachelor degree-holders with work experience looking to enhance urban informatics skills are the most suitable for this program.

The NYU CUSP is expected to offer a PhD program in future. The PhD program is being developed but the aim is to provide wide opportunities for dissertation research to interact with CUSP partners and will also have the opportunity to work with faculty members from the University partners and CUSP.

It is also expected that CUSP- New York University will be offering short term, for may be less than or equal to a week, executive courses and corporate training in various areas related to CUSP research and educational program.

Earn A degree In Fine Arts From The Most Reputed University Worldwide-New York University

images (8)With a mission to promote and facilitate high quality 21st century education, the New York University in New York has a full-fledged Institute of Fine Arts which offers degrees of Masters of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy and an Advanced Certificate in Conservation of Works of Art. These programs are suitable to those students aiming to make a professional career in museum work, university teaching, art criticism, art conservation, and independent research and writing.

The Institute of Fine Arts at the NY University is strongly devoted to teach and offer advance research in the fields of history of art and archaeology and also in the conservation and technology of art works. The Institute strives in building a strong foundation in research, expertise, and theory with the combination of providing sound knowledge in the history of art so that students develop critical judging skills.

The MA program in the History of Art and Archaeology of the Institute of Fine Arts at the University in New York is designed for those students who wish to study the history of the visual arts and its role in society and culture. Leading scholars and professors monitor this program by providing students with deep knowledge about the subject. They also make it possible for students to get access to the New York City museums, archaeological sites, and curators and conservators. With this opportunity, students learn concepts thoroughly by practically visiting these sites. It is a full time two years program or if you wish to take it as part-time program along with continuity in work, the duration is of three years. Each part time student can choose a course of study compulsorily coupled with the Director of Masters Studies. The part time course is designed in such a way that for the first two years, there would be two courses per semester and for the final year, there would be one course per semester.

8.-New-York-University-300x130The Institute of Fine Arts of the New York University PhD Program is designed for individuals who wish to take a closer look of visual arts’ role in culture via object-based examination in detail and theoretical and historical interpretation. Students in PhD program get to interact with leading scholars of the Institute and also get access to the curators, museums, conservators, and various archaeological sites in the New York City. The term of this program is up to six years for full time study. To earn a PhD degree, 18 courses are compulsorily required to be completed by each student. The first five semesters comprise of three courses amongst which, one course is pledged to develop dissertation proposal by students. The sixth semester is a 12-points oral exam preparation and the point to begin working on the approved dissertation.

The New York University Institute of Fine Arts also offers dual-degree program which is for four years. The objective of this course is to prepare students thoroughly for careers by combining practical experience in conservation with archaeological, historical, scientific, and curatorial studies of the various materials and construction of art works. Students can also simultaneously enroll in the MA program in art history to take up research projects, lab-work, and various seminars in specialized areas of conservation.

Superior Quality Public Service Education From New York University At Wagner School

download (4)The high school is over and it is time to take the most important decision if your life, about choosing a career and a university. You should definitely browse the New York University for a multifarious courses and programs. NYU is located in the heart of the New York City which makes preferable for most of the residents and the international students because of ease of access to the city facilities.

Amongst one of the 18 colleges and schools of the New York University, the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, also known as NYU Wagner, Wagner, is one of the highly renowned schools which offer comprehensive courses in public administration and nonprofit policy and its management. NYU Wagner offers more than 150 distinct courses which give students the flexibility to not only choose courses for degrees or specializations but also according to the topic area.

The New York University Wagner Graduate School of Public Service offers a wide array of courses and minors which is only open to undergraduates. The Wagner School faculties are highly devoted and are highly  qualified in their respective fields because of which, students are delivered an in-depth knowledge about various topics and the subjects related to public policy issues faced by the policy makers and the local and the national practitioners today.

The NYU Wagner in New York offers some renowned degree programs namely- Master of public administration (MPA) in public and nonprofit management and policy, Master of Public ministration in health Policy and Management, Master of Urban Planning (MUP), Master of Science in Management of international public service organization, and lastly Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in public administration. All these courses are highly renowned all over the world and students get better future career prospects on a broader platform. To offer a high-tech educational atmosphere, the school is equipped with highly advanced 10 operating research centers.

images (7)Wagner, NYU also offers joint degree programs in close association with the NYU School of Law, Stern School of Business, Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, and other units in the New York University. MPA students in public and nonprofit management and policy can specialize from Policy, Management, Finance, and International Policy and Management to learn cutting-edge skills and concepts of the chosen subject.

One of the unique programs of the New York University Wagner School is the Capstone Project wherein MPA and MUP essentially need to complete one year project which is team-oriented. All the students essentially need to conduct a research on some social issues or apply theories with practical for a specific client organization. The faculty members monitor the local, national, and international Capstone project in which students are deeply dipped in a specific content or issue to enhance their skills on project management and teamwork, develop competencies in collecting, analyzing, and preparing reports.

Now that you have explored the scope of taking a career in public services and administration, hurry up for the admissions before the deadlines.

Get An Exciting Opportunity Of Learn While Earning From One and Only NYU-SCPS

nyu-scps-bannerThe New York University in New York has always thrived to provide the best of the best education to the national and international students with an aim to bring overall development in the students and also prepare them thoroughly for the challenges of the today’s competitive world. With 18 colleges and schools operating under the University of New York, the university is one of the most renowned and highly accredited universities in the world.

One of the schools at the University, New York NYU Schools of Continuing and Professional Studies, has three centers at NYU-SCPS which offer to the career beginners with undergraduate courses, the professionals with the graduation courses and other noncredit courses to all students in a balanced atmosphere of theory and practical sessions.

One of the centers of NYU-SCPS is the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management. Students can enroll in this Center who are passionate and are willing to make a professional career in the same. It offers undergraduate degree programs to prepare students to be the future leaders for enhanced career opportunities. The Tisch Center also offers scholarship through the NYU financial aid programs.  Students get an opportunity to earn a B.S. degree in Hotel and Tourism Management and B.S. Degree in Sports Management.

The Tisch Center here in the University, New York, offers unique Master’s degree and graduate certificate programs in Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management for professional students who wish to enhance their existing skills and even learn new analytical skills and concepts of the 21st century world.  These dynamic fields are taught by experienced and highly-devoted faculty members who throw light on various new and traditional concepts of all these fields.

images (6)If you are a working professional and still wish to add credentials to your profile and career, you should definitely enroll in one of the noncredit courses offered by the New York University in New York Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management. All these programs are scheduled at the students’ convenience which are onsite as well as online. This gives students the flexibility to earn and learn simultaneously without even having given up their jobs. By pursuing these noncredit courses, all the enrolled students are provided with essential training via advanced methodology in the current sphere of the students. The training also guides students properly and systematically who wish to change their careers in the spectrum of Hospitality, tourism, and sports. In the training sessions, students are made aware of all the challenges that they could face in cases of career switching in the current scenario across the hospitality sector.  Students are put into systematic courseware which enhances students’ skills and concepts matching the 21st century.

With so many opportunities present in the University, New York, grab it soon so that you learn while you earn without sacrificing your job. You could even apply all the new theories learned during sessions at your workplace so that you could boost up your firm. Get the best study experience here, only at NYU-SCPS is the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management

Earn A Highly-Renowned Professional Nursing Degree From NYU

1325935389053If you are driven to eradicate the health problems of several diseased patients, then you definitely should think about pursuing a professional course in Nursing from the College of Nursing at University of New York. Situated in the heart of the city of New York, the NYU College of Nursing offers distinct programs across all the levels of education to fit today’s nursing needs of student.

Students here at University of New York get a vivid learning experience through unique academic programs of the college blended with delivery of lectures via experienced teaching faculties. Students get an opportunity to build a strong career foundation to further build their career with a broader scope. The faculties comprise of highly qualified professors, mentors and researchers who throw light on various specialty electives students choose. The college is equipped with high-tech state of the art facilities to give students a better practical learning of the subjects they elect.

The New York University College of Nursing offers a 15-month accelerated four-year Bachelor of Science program which intends to prepare students to face the challenging aspects of professional nursing. The curriculum is created by NYU in such a way that it develops a strong base in sciences and liberal arts. The most prestigious centers are included in the clinical educational setup which includes world-class Clinical Simulation Learning Center. Students also get an opportunity to take and pass the licensing exam meant for registered nurses (NCLEX). It is the devotion of faculties which leads to more than 90% of students passing the exam in the first attempt.

The College of nursing of the New York University has an extensive offering of master’s and doctoral certificate programs for students who further wish to enhance their existing nursing skills.

Simages (5)tudents or nurses can earn a NYU certificate in Doctor in Nursing Practice (DNP) and a PhD in degree also. The advanced programs of PhD are offered for nurses looking to enhance their abilities in nursing administration, clinical practice, informatics, and education. The college of the University of New York has designed the Masters program for students seeking leadership in clinical consultation, teaching, administration, nursing management, and advanced nursing practice in care of elderly, care of the adult, adolescents, care of the infants, holistic nursing, mental health, nurse midwifery, and palliative care nursing. Just look at the number of electives you can choose from to strengthen your foundation. But regardless of whatever elective you choose, the curriculum also comprises essential research, nursing theory, population-focused care, statistics, and issues and trends in health care delivery. The current DNP is completed over fiver semesters.

All the programs of the NYU College of Nursing are designed to provide students a strong foundation for nursing career through adequate in-class sessions and in-lab sessions to get a perfect balance of understanding in theory and its applications in today’s nursing needs.

Students may even choose a perfect course of study to attain admissions to the BS/MS Dual Degree program via BS to PhD and MS to PhD.

An Overview Of Management Programs Offered By NYU’s Stern School Of Business

download (3)It’s been a long time you’ve spent on browsing various universities with an intention to pursue a degree in management. I do understand the gravity of this phase when you need to take the most important decision of your career and life because it is about to be the very foundation of your career. So here I am to help you a little bit by throwing light on the New York University’s Stern School of Business, one of the oldest and the honored business schools worldwide.

To talk about the New York University Stern School of Business, let’s begin with the academic programs offered by this prestigious school. Stern offers a spectrum of academic courses and programs which includes programs for undergraduate, Full-time MBA, Part-time MBA Westchester, Part-time MBA Manhattan, Executive MBA, Dual Degree, TRIUM Global EMBA, Global Degrees, PhD Program and lastly Executive Education.

The New York University’s Stern School offers majors in distinct subjects including Marketing, Actuarial Science, Finance, Economic Policy, Information Systems, Accounting and many more. The Undergraduate program is offered with an intention to blend business with social impact, liberal arts, and a global perspective. The idea is to give maximum exposure to students with various lectures on different subjects, guest lecturers delivered by doctoral professors, study tours, seminars, and many other channels. The School also offers a special degree in Business and Political Economy (BPE) which is known to be the one of the renowned programs. Stern also takes care of Internships and Careers. Get a perfect stability overall with the best education integrated with social activities hosted by the New York City.

images (4)The New York University’s Stern offers a full-time two-year MBA program with an array of electives to choose from to enhance your career. The Part-Time MBA programs offered at the Manhattan and the Westchester campuses provide working professionals the maximum flexibility in choosing their slots of classes. The entire program can be completed in two years up to maximum six years. The executive MBA (EMBA) is a 22-month management program for experienced working professionals. The classes are held every other Friday and Saturday coupled with two Global Study Tours. The dual-degree program of New York University’s Stern consists of subjects like law, medicine, public administration, film making, and many others. Ranked #2 worldwide by the Financial Times reviews 2009, the TRIUM Global EMBA program is for senior executives from around the globe meant to blend business curriculum with international economic and socio-political dimension. Stern offers highly renowned four Global Degrees program in association with HKUST and NYU Shanghai. One of the most intensive programs offered by Stern is the PhD program meant to provide an opportunity to students to do state of the art research in various electives. A unique Executive Education program meant for professionals to enhance outputs for their firms by means of in-depth knowledge delivered to students in finance, marketing, management and innovation.

What are you waiting for? Be a Sternie of the New York University here in the New York City.

NYU Steinhardt: A Hot Spot For World Class Education In Culture, Education And Human Development

download (2)Are you too much into Culture and human development? Do you wish to make a career in the same? If you are willing to make a professional career in cultural education, you should definitely give a though to The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, New York University. Where else can you find a diverse culture other than the New York City?

The New York University Steinhardt exists with an intention to enhance knowledge, innovation, and creativity of all its students at the critical decision making point of culture, human learning, well-being, and development. All the undergraduate programs blend the cognizant of students in sciences and liberal arts. Students can earn B.F.A. in studio art, B.S. in educational theatre, applied psychology, media studies, teacher education, B.S. in health, food studies, nutrition, communicative sciences and disorders, and public health, and B.Mus. in music business, music performance, music technology, and music education.

Steinhardt of the New York University offers unique electives in Master’s and Doctoral to enhance the existing skills of the students with an advanced curriculum. Students also get opportunities of cross-cultural education via means of applied learning, cultural study tours, internships, and a hardcore on-site fieldwork exposure in partnership with various organizations across the city to give students practical knowledge of the current scenario in the fields of education, culture and human development.

NYU Steinhardt enrolls students who apply for an array of programs in different levels of education including undergraduates, minors, masters, doctoral, and certificate. Various residential and international students apply each year to pursue distinct courses of culture, education and human development. NYU Steinhardt has 11 academic departments separately and employs more than 250 faculties working full-time.

Steinhardt at the New York University receives thousands and millions of applications for admissions from nationals and internationals across the globe that is why; the level of competition is prodigious. The process of selection is highly intense and the acceptance rate of getting through is as much as only 25 %.

images (3)Of course, the admission fees of the NYU Steinhardt are really high. But the University solely believes in absorbing potential students who are deficient of educational funds. That is why; the University has an extensive scholarship and grants program in the form of gifts to students which needs not be repaid. Besides scholarship program of the University, eligible students can also apply for federal grants, State Scholarships for residential students, and even grants from outside agencies including some communities, unions, and many more throughout the city. Thus, eligible students are furnished with funds throughout the course of study.

Besides, the Steinhardt also is equipped with advanced educational facilities meant to be accessed by students freely. The library is suffused with latest editions of journals, books, guides, reference educational materials, and even daily newspapers. Different auditoriums, lobbies and halls are built for students in the Music and Theatres faculties.

Get the best educational experience in the city of New York at NYU.

Quick Facts About The NYU’s College Of Arts And Science

download-1When it is time to choose a university from which you got to pursue higher studies, this is the time you are jumbled up maximally. It is an important step of your life because you are about to build the foundation of your career. To make your decision making process easy, let us give a thought to one of the world’s oldest and the largest, and the most renowned university; the New York University. Isn’t it a great choice? Well, of course. The University of NY is located in Washington, the heart of the city NY.

How does it sound to you about earning a degree from the New York University College of Arts and Science (CAS)? It feels privileged, isn’t it? So let us take a ride and understand all the aspects of getting into CAS.

Known as the oldest and the largest academic unit of New York University, CAS was founded about over 180 years back in 1832 followed by founding of the NYU. The CAS offers two main degrees at under-graduation level; Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.). The B.S. degree is awarded only for majors in Neutral Science, Chemistry or Physics.

NYU’s faculty of Arts and Science is the most rationale unit of the College which has 29 departments. 23 programs and centers and also 14 research centers. The Morse Academic Plan, also known as MAP curriculum of undergraduate liberal arts followed by CAS, is mandatory for all students to fulfill its requirements in order to receive the B.A. and B.S. degrees. The core curriculum is designed in such a manner that it puts students into analytical thought process and includes courses in social policy, western civilization, scientific inquiry, expressive culture and non-western societies. The curriculum demands proficiency in a foreign language and a recognized course in writing. Though it is not necessary but most of the students typically taken MAP course in the first (Freshman) and the second (Sophomore) years and also students are offered the flexibility to choose an option from several MAP courses at the foreign campus of NYU.

imagesTypically, CAS courses are mostly in to form of seminars conducted either weekly and semi-weekly lectures with most of the lectures divided into the form of recitation. The Faculty of Arts and Science are distributed into various divisions of Science, Humanities and Social Science and the Faculty boasts of many protuberant departments. Just to know a few facts about the New York University’s CAS’ departments- the Philosophy Department stands in the first position amongst 50 Philosophy departments in the world. The Economics department stands in between 5-10. The International Relations program ranks 10th nationwide and the Polity Department always seek a place in top 20 every year. Part of the Courant Institute, the Mathematics department is also considered to be one of the best worldwide, its citation impact ranks 5th, applied mathematics is ranked 1st because of maximum Abel Prize winners from here comparatively.