Culinary Institute of America – College in New York

Culinary Institute of AmericaCulinary Institute of America is situated in Dutchess County, New York. It was established in 1946. It’s a not for profit institution providing higher education. The college is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Culinary Institute runs five restaurants on its Hyde Park campus. Names of the restaurants operated by the college are The American Bounty Restaurant, the Escoffier Restaurant, Ristorante Caterina de’ Medici, St. Andrew’s Café and the Apple Pie Bakery Café. It also publishes a magazine named Food is Life.

Programs offered by this institute are:-
Associate in Occupational Studies in Culinary Arts – This program is full of real life experience of cooking classes. It focuses basics of culinary art. It makes you eligible for a number or career opportunities.

Associate Degree for Advanced Career Experience Students – This program is specially designed for those who are already having work experience in the field. It’s a fast track program enabling students to find much better career opportunities than earlier ones.

Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree in Culinary Arts Management — This program is formulated according to those who either want to start something on their own or want to gain managerial post in such organizations.

Associate in Occupational Studies in Baking & Pastry Arts – This program offers practical experience in baking and pastry classes. It’s a combination of various courses like nutrition, food safety, gastronomy basics, culinary math etc. The college provides six months experience in Apple Pie Bakery Café.

Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree in Baking & Pastry Arts Management– In this program, the students are instilled with leadership and managerial skills. They are given proper training of communication, ethics and teamwork.

Efficiency of financial aid services can be assumed by the fact that more than 90% of the students obtain some kind of financial help. The Financial Aid Office of the college is committed to provide full support and guidance to students in need of financial assistance. No financial restrictions can come between the students and the Culinary Institute of America.

The college gives a way a number of scholarships and grants each year like CIA Merit-Based Scholarship, CIA Need-based Grant, The CIA’s Alumni Referral Scholarship, MFK Fisher Scholarship. Some external scholarships and grants are also being provided to qualifying students.

Moreover, the college offers very good student services. A Students recreation center is there for physical activities and sports. The college offers counseling and psychological services to alleviate any kind of mental or emotional issues. It also provides excellent career services to its students and alumni.

College of Saint Rose – A College In New York

College of Saint RoseCollege of Saint Rose was established in 1920. It’s a private college situated in Albany, New York. It’s an independent college. The college is a coeducational one. It’s affiliated with Roman Catholic Church. Schools incorporating this college are the School of Arts and Humanities, the School of Business, the School of Mathematics and Sciences and the School of Education.

Some of the undergraduate programs offered by the college are:-
Accounting – for enhancement of accounting skills

Biochemistry- for knowledge of chemical processes in organisms

Business Administration- for developing business management skills

Childhood Education- for pursuit of career as an educator

Computer Science – for knowledge of various computer applications

Special Education- preparing educators for children with special needs

Forensic Psychology- for application of psychology in criminal justice

History- for analyzation of stories and traditions of past

Mathematics– opening a number of career options

Music Education- For pursuing career as teacher of music

Psychology- for studying human psyche and behavioral pattern

Sociology- for knowledge of functioning of human society

Studio Art- Offering two degrees i.e. Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Science


Graduate programs of the college includes:-
Art Education- preparing educators for art

Creative Writing- for those who have flair for writing

Communications- for development of communication skills required for various purposes

Adolescence Education- offered in various disciplines like Biology, earth Science, Mathematics, Spanish, Special Education etc

Bilingual Education- for study of two different languages through one program

Counseling- offered with various options

The Office of Financial Aid run by this college helps students in arranging funds for their education. It offers some scholarships and grants for qualifying students. Assistance and guidance on student loans are also being provided by the college. The college also provides counseling services for various issues like family problems, difficulties in relationships, any type of depression or any kind of addiction. These sessions are conducted in full confidential manner. These services are executed by licensed professionals.

College of Saint Rose is well aware of significance of good health in academic success. Health disorders can hamper learning of students in many ways. They can also cause depression and other mental disorders to develop. So the college provides state of the art health services.

The college runs a number of student organizations including ALANA Steppers, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, The Chronicle, Geology Club, Golden Notes, Ice Knights, Minority Association of Pre Medical Students, National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, Phi Alpha Theta – National History Honor Society, Saint Rose Jazz Educators and Students Against Destructive Decisions. Students can join any one of them according to their likings. Career Center of the college assists students in finding good career opportunities and be prepare for them.

Le Moyne College – A College In New York

Le Moyne CollegeLe Moyne College is located in Syracuse, New York. The college was established in 1948. It’s a private college affiliated to Roman Catholic Church. It’s a coeducational college. The student to faculty ratio of the college is kept at 12:1 which makes sure that all the students attain good quality of education from the college.

Undergraduate Programs
Accounting – for enhancing accounting skills

Computer Science- for knowledge of computer applications

Education- preparing teachers for schools and colleges

Environmental Studies – for study of environment around us and ways to enhance it

Foreign Language- for learning various foreign languages

Management & Leadership- for developing managerial and leadership skills in students

Music – for those who have flair for music

Physics- opening a number of career options

Sociology- for understanding how does human society operates and functions


Graduate programs
Education- for those who aspire to become educators

Nursing- preparing nurses for clinics, nursing homes and hospital

Business Administration- for developing management skills required in administrating business organizations

Physician Assistant- opening lots of career options

Le Moyne College operates various students organizations including Dolphin Steppers, Le Moyne College Dance Team, Major Arcana, Colleges Against Cancer, Le Moyne Democrats, Student Alumni Association, Black Robe, Le Moyne College Television Club, Ascent HR, Chemistry Club, Economics Club, French Club, Institute of Management Accountants, Mathematics Club, Pre-Law Society, Sociology Club, Alpha Kappa Delta, Delta Mu Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Student Government Association, Outing Club, Ultimate Frisbee club, Asian Students in Alliance, Gaelic Society, Gaelic Society etc. Lot more such organizations are there which can be selected according to interest of the students.

The college offers a number of merit scholarships and grants for students. Some of them are Presidential Scholarships, St. Joseph’s College of Nursing Scholarship, Russo Family Scholarship Fund, A. Henninger Scholarship, John J. Barry Scholarship, Andrew J. Brady, S. J. Scholarship, Madeline McDonald Doerrer Scholarship, Mary Hartigan Scholarship, Mezzalingua Scholarship, William & Mary Drescher Scholarship, Geneviere R. Saya Scholarship, Senior Gift Legacy Scholarship, Joseph A. Lawton Scholarship, Dorothy M. K. Hayden Scholarship, Teach Grant, New York State Scholarships and Grants etc. Moreover the college also assists on student loans and work while study employments.

The student services offered by the college are quite magnificent. Wellness center of the college is there to take care of both physical and mental health of the students. This center offers consultation and medical treatment for both common and emergency health problems. The center may also be accessed for counseling about any emotional, psychological or mental problem.

Saint Lawrence University – New York

Saint Lawrence UniversitySaint Lawrence University is a liberal arts university situated in saint Lawrence County, New York. The university is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. It offers four years programs. It was founded in 1856. Student to faculty ratio of the university is 12:1.

Some undergraduate degrees being conferred by the university are:-
African Studies– for study of African culture and traditions

Asian Studies- for understanding Asian traditions and history

Canadian Studies- for knowledge of Canadian literature and culture

Communications- for enhancement of communication skills

Creative Writing- for those who have flair for writing

Economics- for understanding importance of resources available to us and utilization of them accordingly

Environmental Studies – programs establishing relationship between environment and humans

European Studies- for knowledge of European traditions and culture

Geology- for studying earth through its surfaces

Global Studies- for studying relationships of various countries in light of politics, trade, culture etc

Journalism- for those who want to pursue career as journalist

Mathematics – for making career in fields related to mathematics

Neuroscience- program dealing with functioning of brain and nervous system

Philosophy- for understanding world through thoughts of great thinkers

Sports Studies and Exercise Science- for knowledge of effects of physical activities on human body

Theatre– for pursuing career in theatrical field

Pre-Professional- with specialization in Dentistry, Management, Seminary, Law, Medical and Veterinary

Counseling and Human Development- for pursuit of career as a counselor

General Studies in Education- preparing teachers through various degree programs

Lots of student organizations operate in Saint Lawrence University. Some of them are Association of Campus Entertainment, American Chemical Society, Chinese Culture Club, Commons College Club, Democracy Matters, Gamma Sigma Alpha, L.I.G.H.T House, Men’s Hockey Club, Outing Club, Photo Club, Ray Ross, Singing

The New School – A University in New York

The New SchoolThe New School is a private university located in New York City, New York. The university was founded in 1919. It’s a nonprofit university. Student to faculty ratio maintained by the institution is 10:1. According to university, its alumni are from more than 120 countries. It clearly shows the reputation of it across the globe. The college offers programs in a number of disciplines. It imparts education through its seven schools i.e. Parsons- The New School for Design, Eugene Lang College- The New School for Liberal Arts, Mannes College- The New School for Music, The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, The New School for Social Research, The New School for Public Engagement and The New School for Drama.

Some of the programs being offered by the university are:-
Acting – for pursuit of career in one of the most aspired field

Art and Design History and Theory- program with comprehensive study of various fields of designs

Classical Music- for those who want to make career in classical music field

Culture and Media- analyzing significant role of media in present world

Design and Technology – for studying social and cultural aspects of technological improvements

Directing- for pursuit of career as director of plays, theatre shows and movies

Environmental Studies- for analyzation of environment around us and find ways to enhance it

Fashion Design- preparing designers for fashion industry

Film Production- comprehensive program entailing all aspects of film making

Global Studies – for understanding relations of various countries of world with each other

History of Decorative Arts & Design- opening a number of career options as historians and curators

Interdisciplinary- Program permitting selection of courses from various disciplines

Jazz- for those who have a flair for jazz music

Lighting Design- for those who want to pursue career in field of architectural lightning

Social Inquiry – interdisciplinary program entailing issues of various branches of social science Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages- for gaining expertise in teaching of English language

Urban Design- program providing education in appearance and functioning of towns and cities Writing- for those who want to write creatively in poetry, fiction and non fiction

The office of career development of the university assists students in overcoming their career challenges. It provides internships, advising on latest jobs, tips for making impressive resume, assistance in developing interview skills etc. These services are not restricted to just current students; alumni can also be benefitted from them.

Saint John’s University – New York

Saint John’s UniversitySaint John’s University is a private, coeducational university situated in New York City, New York. It’s affiliated with Roman Catholic Church. The university was founded in 1870. The students of the university come from 122 countries excluding US. Student to faculty ratio of the university usually stands at 18:1.

The university conducts programs in a number of disciplines through its various schools and colleges.

Varrious Schools and Colleges are Below:-
St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – In graduate programs, this college offers Advanced Interdisciplinary Certificate in Latin, Biological and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, East Asian Studies, International Law & Diplomacy, Speech-Language Pathology etc. In case of undergraduate programs it offers degrees in Asian Studies, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Graphic Design, Philosophical and Theological Studies, New York State Teaching, Philosophy, Sociology etc.

The School of Education – Some of the graduate degree programs of the college are Educational Administration and Supervision, School Building Leader, Early Childhood Education, Childhood Education, M.S.Ed. in Teaching Literacy, Advanced Certificate in Literacy Leadership Coach, Childhood and Childhood Special Education etc. In undergraduate programs there are B.S. Ed. in Childhood Education, B.S. Ed. in Adolescence Education, M.S. Ed. in Childhood Education, Middle School Extension Program etc.

The Peter J. Tobin College of Business – When it comes to Graduate learning, the college conducts programs in various disciplines such as Accounting, Computer Information Systems for Managers, Enterprise Risk Management, International Business, Marketing Management etc. In undergraduates, students can choose among Accounting and Management Information Systems, Finance, M.B.A. Business Administration, B.S. Finance, M.S. Accounting, B.S. Marketing, B.S. Risk Management and Insurance etc.

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – Some popular graduate programs of the college include Industrial Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Pharmacy Administration and Biological and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. Undergraduate programs of the college are concerning Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Physician Assistant, Toxicology, Pharmacy, Radiologic Science and Emergency Medical Service Institute.

College of Professional Studies – M.P.S. in Criminal Justice Leadership, International Communication and M.P.S. in Sport Management are graduate programs of this college. When it comes to under graduates, the college conducts programs in Administrative Studies, Communication Arts, Criminal Justice, Healthcare Informatics, Information Technology, Legal Studies, Networking and Telecommunications, Public Relations, Television and Film etc.

St. John’s Distance Learning – This college offers online learning for those who are not able to join on-campus learning. It conducts graduate programs in M.A. in Global Development and Social Justice, Master of Library Science, M.S. School Building Leader, Educational Administration, Advanced Certificate in Library and Information Studies, Advanced Certificate in Bilingual Extension, Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education etc. Some of the undergraduates programs are A.A. in Liberal Arts, A.S. in Criminal Justice, B.S. in Administrative Studies etc.

School of Law– This school conducts law related programs. It offers only graduate programs. i.e. J.D. Programs, LL.M, Programs and Law Global Programs.

Student services provided by the university are quite excellent. Health of the students is given proper care through healthcare services. It provides psychological counseling for students. If students want to know about financial helps offered by the university, they are heartily welcome. Career counseling sessions are also being conducted.

Long Island University – A University In New York

Long Island University

Long Island University is a private institution. It was established in 1926. It’s a non sectarian university. It offers coeducational learning. The university is accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education. It comprises of Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Richard Conolly College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Health Professions, School of Continuing Education, School of Business Public Administration, and Information Sciences, School of Education, School of Nursing etc.

Some of the degrees granted by the universities are:-
B.S. in Accounting- for enhancement in accounting skills

B.A. in American Studies- an overview of American culture and history

M.S. in Applied Mathematics- for understanding utilization of mathematics in other disciplines

B.F.A. in Art Education- for pursuit of career as an art educator

M.A. in Art Therapy- for gaining adroitness in art therapy

B.S. in Biochemistry- for studying chemical changes in organisms

B.S. in Biomedical Technology- establishing relationship between biology and medical science

B.S. in Business Finance- understanding financial concepts of business

M.S.Ed in Childhood Education- preparing educators for children

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology- understanding human psyche and behavior patterns

M.S. in Counseling- preparing counselors

B.F.A. in Dance- degree program in performing arts

M.S. in Drug regularity Affairs- for career in pharmaceutical industry

B.A. in Economics- Understanding use of available resources optimally

B.S. in Environmental Science- for knowledge of environment around us

B.A. in French- for study of French culture and Literature

B.A. in Geology- for studying structural formation of earth

M.P.A. in Health Administration- preparing health administrators for hospitals, nursing homes and clinics

M.S. in Human Resources Management- preparing HR managers for business organization

M.S. in Information Systems- understanding computer applications used in information technology

M.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies- programs combining courses from various disciplines

B.F.A. in Journalism- for making career in print or electronic media

M.S. in Mathematics- for enhancing mathematical skills

B.F.A. in Music- for those who have flair for music

M.S. in Nutrition- for pursuit of career as nutritionist

B.S. in Physical Education- Preparing educators for physical education and training

M.A. in Psychology- for knowledge of behavior and psyche of humans

M.S.W. in Social Work- for career in a field where one will be able to serve needy people

M.A. in Spanish- for studying Spanish literature and culture

Long Island University pays utmost attention to health and wellness of the students through its health centers. Students can also avail counseling from the university. Students looking for guidance on financial matters can also contact officials of the university. It provides career counseling also.