Union Graduate College – A College In New York

Union Graduate CollegeThe history of Union College can be traced from the beginning of 20th century. The college started with offering programs like The Masters in Electrical engineering in 1905. College’s economic department came into existence in 1960. Union Graduate College is accredited by different organizations such as MBA program of this college is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The mission of Union Graduate College is to give professional degree programs which endow promising students and employees which can shape their future very well. The college has different departments which offer different degree programs.

Degree Programs of College
School of Management – this department offers two selective and specialized MBA programs which are again accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Masters of Business Administration– this degree program meets the main standards of academic excellence

MBA in Healthcare Management– this program combines theory and fundamentals of business with practical application and specialization in healthcare industry.

School of Education – this department pays attention mainly on the teaching art and for that it offers degree programs such as-

Masters of Arts in Teaching- for those students who are beginners in teaching field. This program will give professional degree plus train students for becoming teacher

Masters of Science for teachers of Mathematics and Science- as its name suggest, this program gives degree to those students who want to become teachers of mathematics and

science and technology.

Masters of Arts in English, History- for those who want to make their career as teacher in English or history subject.

Masters of Arts in English and History- students who want to have dual degree of both subjects, an go with this program

Center of Bioethics and Clinical Leadership – this department of college is related to healthcare-field. This school offers advanced degree programs i.e.

Masters in Bioethics- it offers degree and certificate in clinical and research ethics.

Masters in Clinical Leadership in healthcare management- it is designed for present and future professionals in medicine.

Leadership in Medicine combine degree program- this program mixes graduate, undergraduate and medical education.

School of Engineering and Computer Science – it focuses mainly on applying practical knowledge and advancing fundamentals which are in demand in industrial company these days.

Masters in Mechanical Engineering- study related to mechanics, thermal-fluid system etc

Masters in Electrical Engineering- related to modern electric machinery or power electronics

Masters in Engineering and Management Systems-it is something new which mix engineering and science technologies

Masters in Energy Systems- this program gives understanding of economic, environmental and regulatory issues of energy industry

Manhattanville College – A College In New York

Manhattanville CollegeManhattanville College is a coeducational college providing liberal arts education. It’s a private college situated in Purchase, New York. The college was founded in 1841. The college maintains student to faculty ratio at 14:1. The college imparts education in more than 90 areas of study.


Some Areas of Study
Academic Writing – for understanding academic writing through research and composition

Art History- for better knowledge on arts history through various approaches

Biochemistry- interdisciplinary program entailing study of chemical processes of living organisms

Classics- for studying culture of classic races through language and literature

Dance and Theatre – for those who are interested in performing arts

English- for gain adroitness in English language

French- for understanding French culture through literature

History- program explaining traditions and stories of mankind

Irish Studies – interdisciplinary program focusing Irish culture and traditions

Mathematics- for enhancing mathematical skills

Computer Science- for understanding various computer applications

Philosophy – for pursuit of wisdom through thoughts of great thinkers

Pre-Med/Pre-Dental Studies- pre professional programs preparing students for dental, medical and veterinary school

Sociology- for better understanding of functioning of human society

World Religions- for understanding various religions of world with in-depth approach

The college provides a number of scholarships and grants for students including The Barbara Knowles Debs Endowed Presidential Scholarships, The Kenneth F. Johnson Endowed Scholarships, The Rosemarie Ombres Memorial Endowed Scholarships, The Texaco Endowed Scholarship for Excellence in Science etc. The college also assists students in obtaining student loans. They also provide employment opportunities.

Students of Manhattanville College can choose from a number of student organizations to be amused and refreshed in their student life. Some of them are Animation Club, Catholic Student Association, Dance Troupe, Gamers Guild Club, Graffiti Literary Magazine, Irish Step Dance Club, Latin-American Student Organization, Manhattanville Sound, Muslim Student Association, Pre-Law Society, SP@M, Table Tennis Club, WMVL Radio Station etc.

Manhattan College Counseling Center of the college has received accreditation from the International Association of Counseling Services. They provide all kinds of psychological and emotional counseling sessions like individual, couple, family and group counseling. All these sessions are operated in a very confidential manner. The student health center of the college takes care of all medical needs of students. Staff of the center is highly qualified, skilled and experienced. Moreover, the Center for Career Development is there to guide students on finding and pursuing a good career. It helps students in every possible way to face all career challenges successfully.

Saint Joseph’s College – A College In New York

saint joseph's college new yorkSaint Joseph’s College is a private college situated in New York with campuses in Clinton Hill and Patchogue. It’s a liberal arts college. It is a member of lots of associations including American Council on Education, College Entrance Examination Board, Council for Adult and Experimental Learning, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and National League for Nursing. The collage is made up of two schools named School of Arts and Sciences and School of Professional and Graduate Studies. Both the schools are coeducational institutions.

The college offers education in various disciplines including –
Biology – program entailing study of living animals

Computer Science- for understanding various computer applications

Human Relations- program including courses from sociology, anthropology and psychology

Medical Technology – opening a number of career options including Blood banking, Hematology, Microbiology, Research science, Medicine, Nursing etc

Psychology- for those who want to study complexities of human psyche

Sociology- for those who want to understand functioning of human society

Moreover, the college also offers some pre professional programs like Adolescence Education, Classics, Drama and Theatre, Humanities, Physical Education, Physical Sciences and Secondary Education.

Saint Joseph’s College offers various scholarships including Presidential Scholarship, Scholastic Achievement Award, Housing Grant, Adult Program Learner Scholarship, Incentive Grants etc. Eligible students can apply for these scholarships. Students are free to contact college for any kind of student loans also. The college will find the most appropriate student loan for the student and help in funding that loan.

The college takes good care of the recreation of the students and operates lots of student organizations for the purpose. Some of such organizations in Brooklyn campus are Asian Awareness Club, Black Student Association, Child Study Club, Fashion Club, Hispanic Awareness Club, Lady Bear Athletics, Muslim Student Association, Philosophy Club, Student Alumni Association, Students Joined Through Christ etc. In Long Island campus, there are Accounting & Business Club, Biology Club, Criminal Justice Club, Graduate Nursing Student Organization, Matrix Club, Recreation Club, Society for Human Resources Management etc.

The college is all aware about importance of good health in student life. So, it offers state of the art health services to students. These services include treatment for routine illness and injuries. For further treatments students can be referred to outside healthcare settings as well. The college also provides services related to mental health. Students dealing with any kinds of issues like problems in adjusting to the college, family issues, problems in relationships, issues with roommate or any other such problem. The college conducts individual and group sessions for students. The college assists students in career development as well.

Iona College – A College In New York

Iona CollegeIona College is a Roman Catholic College situated in New Rochelle, New York. The college was founded in 1940. It’s a. The college is chartered by the New York State Education Department and accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It also has gained some program specific accreditation’s for its various programs.


The college conducts programs in following areas of study:-
Biology – for those who are interested in study of living organisms

Economics- for better understanding of utilization of available resources

Foreign Languages- for those who want to gain adroitness in foreign languages

Mathematics – for enhancing mathematical skills

Pre-Law- program laying foundation towards graduation in law

Sociology- for analyzing the functioning of human society

Business Administration – for those who want to acquire managerial or administrative posts in business organization or to start their own venture

Computer Science- for enhanced knowledge on computer applications

Education– preparing educators for schools and colleges

Foreign Languages- for studying Italian or Spanish language

Psychology- for analyzing human psyche and behavior pattern

Student financial services of Iona college makes sure that any of the people willing to join the college don’t have to refrain themselves due to financial problems. The college offers endowed and outside scholarships. The college also provides assistance in choosing and obtaining apt student loan for students.

When it comes to health services, the college provides them through Iona Wellness Center. These services include first aid for injuries, treating health disorders, various immunizations, diagnostic services, physical check up, treatment of STIs etc.

The college runs a number of student organizations to keep students entertained as students. These clubs include Accounting Club, Computer Science Club, Marketing Club, Social Work Club, Gay Straight Alliance, Council for Greek Governance, Kaleidoscope Literary Magazine, Iona Players, Beta Chi Sorority, Phi Gamma Chi Sorority, Zeta Kappa Chi Fraternity, Animal Rights Coalition, Edmund Rice Society, Tara Knights Society, Students Uniting for Veterans, Cinema Society, Jewish Student Association, Iona International, Returning Adult Student Association etc.

Iona College also pays good attention to development of career of students and alumni. It determines skills and interests of students to suggest best career option. Programs to be pursued are also suggested on same basis. Moreover, the college provides you with resume building and cover letter writing tips. They also organize workshops on interviews and conduct mock interviews.

Houghton College – A College In New York

Houghton CollegeHoughton College is situated in Houghton, New York. It’s a liberal arts college affiliated with Wesleyan Church. It’s a private college. The college was established in 1883 as a coeducational institution. Student to faculty ratio of the college is 11:1. The college is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The college hosts students from 66 countries.


Some of the programs offered by the college are:-
Accounting,Biochemistry,Mathematics,Music,Political Science,Spanish

Pre professional programs- in Therapy, Dentistry, Law, Medical, Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Seminary, Veterinary etc

The college also offers a number of master’s, dual degree and adult degree programs.

The college offers various scholarships and grants for the students who can qualify for them. Excellence and James S. Luckey Scholarships, National Merit Scholarship, Alumni Grant, Timothy R. Fuller Grant, Missionary Kid, Campus Challenge and WBB scholarships, Willard J. Houghton Ministerial Scholarship are to name a few. People who don’t qualify for these scholarships don’t need to be sad, there are student loans for the purpose. The college is going to provide complete assistance in obtaining these loans on low finance cgarges.


To revamp the campus life of the college, it operates lots of students organizations and clubs including:-
Allegany County Outreach – connects students with local children to mentor them

Black Heritage Club- encouraging black students to have fun in the college

Climbing Club- for those who are interested in climbing

Encore- organizing dramas to be played in the college

Equestrian Society- for those who love to horse ride

Environmental Club – for enhancement of environmental conditions

Global Christian Fellowship- developing global outlook in students

Gospel Choir- a student operated choir

Imitators of Chris- for developing Christian faith in students

Intercultural Student Association– for those who want to celebrate diversity

Mercy Seat- a worship group led by the students

Paddle Sports- for those who are fond of water sports

Psychology Club- for better analyzation of human behavior

Gold Bar Club- developing discipline and commitment in students

Salvation Army Student Fellowship– for involvement with the salvation army

Shakespeare Players- organizing plays of Shakespeare

Sociology Club- for those who are interested in the field of sociology

Student Government Association- acts as liaison between students and administration

Teachers of Today and Tomorrow – for those who are pursuing education programs

Theological Society- for openly discussing issues related to Christian faith

Youth for Christ- providing opportunities to work with children of local schools

Young Life- supporting youth who need someone to pay attention to them

Career services of the college make sure that all the students and alumni choose good career and be successful in it. They provide students with information on latest job openings and internships. The college also prepares students for interviews. Alumni looking for some career assistance for promotion in current jobs or change in employment can contact the college.

LIM College – A College In New York

LIM CollegeLIM College is a private college situated in New York City, New York. It was established in 1939 as Laboratory Institute of Merchandising. It’s a coeducational institution. It imparts specialized learning about fashion industry. The college is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Low student to faculty ratio of the college i.e. 9:1 results in brilliant academic success of the students.


Undergraduate Programs
Fashion Merchandising – offering Bachelor of Business Administration, Associate of Applied Science, Bachelor of Professional Studies and Associate of Occupational Studies

Marketing- for developing ability to achieve customer satisfaction

Management – for acquiring managerial positions in fashion business organizations

Visual Merchandising- for understanding attractive presentation of merchandise

Concentrations- some concentration programs are also being offered in Cosmetics, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Communications, Fashion Publishing, Retailing, Visual Merchandising,

Digital Business Strategy, Event Planning, Fashion Merchandising, International Marketing and Styling


In graduate studies there are two main programs:-
MBA – program offering concentrations in fashion management and entrepreneurship

MPS – program with emphasis on Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management

LIM College knows importance of quality learning so it wishes every willing student to join the college. For those who can’t afford to do so, the college offer utmost support. It grants some scholarships and grants for qualifying students. It also offers guidance on student loans. Whether it is finding suitable loan, applying for it queries about it; the college will assist you in everything.

To keep students refreshed with recreation throughout their academic life, the college operates a number of student clubs including Fashion Show Production Club, Fashion Styling Club, Visual Merchandising Club, Black Retail Action Group, ULtIMate Choir etc. Students are free to select any of the clubs at their will.

Counseling and wellness services of the college have made a number of students to deal with their student life problems. Student life is full of stress and problems. If any of the students finds any problems of depression, anger, substance addictions etc. counselors of the college are there to manage confidential sessions. These sessions can be either individual or group.

Department of Experiential Education & Career Management of the college assists students to achieve excellent success in career in many ways. As everybody knows there are innumerable possibilities in fashion industry but there is competition too. So, the college prepares its students with hands on experience in the industry. It supports them in finding internships and jobs and prepares them to execute them successfully.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – New York

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is a private university situated in Troy, New York. Basically, it’s a research university. The university was established in 1824. It supposes to be the oldest technological university in all the English speaking countries. Student to faculty ratio of the university is 15:1. There are 377 full time faculties in college out of which 371 are having Ph.D, FFirst Professional or other Terminal Degrees. The university imparts education through its five schools, i.e. Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; Science; Engineering; Architecture and Lally School of Management and Technology.

Some of the areas of education, in which the university specializes, include Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Economics, Environmental Science, Interdisciplinary Science, Sustainability Studies, Military Studies, Professional Writing etc.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute wants to help all those students who want to join the university. It wants students from all backgrounds to receive education from the university. To fulfill this noble desire, the university offers every possible help to students. It offers a number of grants and scholarships. Students who don’t qualify for loans or grants can also contact the university for student loans. Moreover, the university also provides full assistance in finding work programs for students.

The university is well concerned about recreation of the students. It operates lots of student organizations and clubs. Students can choose from wide range of clubs according to their interests. There are a lot of options in intramural sports. Some clubs are based on extracurricular activities like astrophysical society and the model railroad society. For those who like performing and visual arts, there are a number of organizations including ballroom dance, drama club and jazz ensemble. Some service organizations like Terra Café and Habitat for Humanity are also operating there.

When it comes to health and wellness, the university runs a world class Student Health Center. It is directed by a nationally accredited physician. This center features medical, allergy and gynecology clinics. It conducts a number of health education and awareness programs to make students well aware of their health.

In addition to that the university operates a counseling center also. This center is for those students who face any kinds of emotional, mental or psychological issues. The center organizes individual or group sessions according to the need and will of students. The university takes full precautions that the sessions conducted remain absolutely confidential. Moreover, this center organizes group workshops also.

Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion

Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of ReligionThe Hebrew Union College is established in 1875 and situated in America. It is the oldest existence of Jewish Seminary which educates men and women for giving services being educators, rabbis and communal service professionals. This college has four centers of learning in Cincinnati, Los Angles, New York and Jerusalem. The Hebrew Union College and its four centers are accredited by the Middle State Commission on Higher education. The main aim of this college is to creating Jewish professionals and leaders to the values and responsibilities of their tradition to their life. This college offers graduates and undergraduate programs.


Programs of the College
The Master of Arts in Judaic Studies Degree – it is a two year program for doctoral studies which focus on individual academic interests and needs. This program is specially designed for students who want to enhance their work in Jewish professional and communal life. This program makes master of Hebrew language including its literature, religion, law and philosophy. To do masters in this study, it is must to have B.A degree or equivalent from an accredited university or college. It is also essential to know Hebrew language and for entrance in this program, students have to clear Hebrew competence exam. Students having ability in other skills are also given preference in this program. To get this degree, students have to give 45 hours of work with thesis.

Master of Arts in Religious Education -this program is offered by New York School of Education. In this program every student completes their Judaic and education courses with internship in their specialized fields such as family and adult education, day school education and informal education.

Interfaith Doctor of Ministry Program – this program gives fundamental knowledge of psychodynamic theory applies to individual and families. It develops skill in diagnosing spectrum of affective and personality disorder. It also builds confidence in steering the border difference between psychology and religion. To get admission in this program, one need to have master’s in divinity or related field plus five years experience in post-master.

The above two programs are offered by New York campus of the college. Numbers of other programs are also being offered by other campus of the college.

Students at Hebrew Union College are a part of different communities such as scholarship, activism and faith. Staff and students work together for social justice projects and worships. College-institute offers different graduate programs which enable students of different professional fields to study together. Different centers like diversity of geographic locations gives unique opportunity for internships, community service and student pulpits.