New York Medical College – New York

New York Medical CollegeSituated in 1860 New York Medical College is a private university. It’s a health science university. It also supposes to be a bio-medical research institution. It’s situated in Valhalla, New York. The college provides education through three of its schools including School of Medicine, School of Health Sciences and Practice and Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences.

School of Medicine – It supposes to be one of the oldest medicine colleges of United States. This college transforms students into highly skilled physicians through its unmatched education quality. The school has employed 1400 full-time and 1300 voluntary faculty in various departments. The college conducts very excellent programs in cardiovascular disease, the neurosciences, neurology, cancer and infectious diseases. The college provides practical experience opportunities to students through affiliations with various medical settings. This school offers a number of graduate and undergraduate programs.

School of Health Sciences and Practice – This college confers Masters of Public Health degrees in Behavioral Sciences and Health Promotion, Epidemiology, Environmental Health Science and Health Policy and Management. It also offers Master of Science program in Speech-Language Pathology. Doctoral degree programs offered by the school are Doctor of Health Policy Management and Doctor of Physical Therapy. Moreover the college also offers some joint and dual degrees programs.

Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences – The school is imparting education since 1960. It offers excellent educations to its students pursuing graduate degree programs in basic medicinal sciences. The school offers various Master of Science and Doctoral programs in fields of Interdisciplinary Basic Medical Sciences, Cell Biology, Microbiology & Immunology, Physiology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Pathology, Pharmacology etc.

The college offers participation in various activities through a number of students clubs and organizations including Climbing Club, NYMC Basketball Club, Volley Ball Club, Asian Pacific-American Medical Student Association, P.E.O.P.L.E. in Medicine, South Asian Medical Student Association, Catholic Students Association, Christian Fellowship, Muslim Students Association of NYMC, Alpha Omega Alpha, American Medical Women’s Association, Emergency Medicine Club, Pediatric Club, Family Medicine Interest Group, La Casita de la Salud, Students Helping Students etc.

The college provides individual and group counseling for all students of the college. Student life is full of emotional and mental problems, stress, depression etc. Sometimes they need to be listened to and provided with solutions. The Office of Mental Health Counseling of New York Medical College understands it very well and provides its services to help out students of such problems easily. The college also takes good care of the health of the students through its unparalleled student health services. These services are provided by registered nurses under supervision of a medical director.

Saint John Fisher College – A College In New York

Saint John Fisher CollegeSaint John Fisher College is located in Pittsford, New York. The college was established in 1948. It’s a private college. It offers liberal arts education. The college comprises of five schools i.e. The School of Arts and Sciences, The Ronald L. Bittner School of Business, The Wegmans School of Nursing, The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education and The Wegmans School of Pharmacy.


Programs Offered by the College
American Studies – for those who want to study culture of America

Education- preparing teachers for Childhood Education, Inclusive Education, Childhood/Special Education and Special Education

Human Resources Management- for acquiring management position in HR departments of various business organizations

Interdisciplinary Studies – program with courses from various disciplines

Mathematics- for those who are interested in mathematics

Sociology- with specializations in Criminal Justice and Human Services

Women & Gender Studies- program depicting role of women in society with interdisciplinary courses

Financial Aid Office of Saint John Fisher College tries to assist students and their families in arranging funds for education in every possible manner. They provide various grants and scholarships for students who can qualify for them. For rest of the students, there are student loans. The college helps students to locate best loan option available to them and then provide guidance on funding such loans. Students can also contact the college for various internships.

There are a number of student organizations and clubs in the college like Anthropology Club, English Club, Political Science Club, Sport Management Club, Asian Student Union, Fisher’s Gay Straight Alliance, Latino Student Union, Students With A Vision, Men’s Hockey Club, Women’s Rugby, Leadership Council, Student Athlete Mentors etc. Students can select any of them to keep them entertained and refreshed throughout their academic life.

The Wellness Center of the college takes care of the health of the students in a comprehensive approach. Medical services of the center are available for routine illness or injuries. It also runs a number of tests for diagnosis of various disorders. It provides some other medical services too. The wellness center also pays good attention to mental health of the students. Students facing any kind of emotional, mental or psychological issues can take services of this center. The center provides counseling sessions for individuals, couples or groups. These sessions are kept completely confidential.

The college avails very good career services to students. The Career Center of the college assists students in all possible ways. It helps in career exploration, defining career goals and finding ways to pursue career goals. It also provides tips on resume and cover letter building.

College of New Rochelle – A College In New York

College of New RochelleCollege of New Rochelle is affiliated with Roman Catholic Church. It’s a private college located in New Rochelle, New York. It was established in 1904 as women’s college but today three out of four schools of the college are coeducational. T he college is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and chartered by the Regents of the State of New York. Moreover, some of its programs have also gained specific accreditations. The student to faculty ratio is kept as low as 11:1 to ensure marvelous academic success of the students.

Schools comprising the college are School of Arts & Sciences, School of New Resources, School of Nursing and Graduate School. All schools except first one are coeducational.


Various programs offered by these colleges are:-
School of Arts & Sciences – This oldest school of the college has educated lots of women and take them to new heights of career. Some of the programs offered by the school are Art Education, Art Therapy, Chemistry, Economics, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology. Some pre professional programs are also being offered by the school.

School of New Resources – This school conducts programs for adults. Students can choose from Communications, Letters, Social Sciences, Foreign Languages and Psychology according to their interests and demand of the career.

School of Nursing – Healthcare industry is one of the most rapidly industries of the world. So, the opportunities for people having a degree in nursing are countless. The School of Nursing offers five such programs, i.e. Bachelor of Science in Nursing, R.N. to B.S.N. or Master of Science, B.S.N. program for people having degrees in other fields Master’s program with various further options taking to an M.S. degree and Post Master’s Certificate programs.

Graduate School – Through its three academic divisions i.e. Education, Human Services and Studies, Education, and Human Services, the Graduate School conducts 24 degree and 12 certificate programs. All programs of the School are designed to prepare skilled and qualified professionals of relevant fields.

The college provides opportunity of participating in any of its student organizations like Class Boards, The College of New Rochelle Student Nurses’ Association, Women In Lasting Defense of the Environment, Black Student Union, Black Ice, CNR Drama, Fly Angels, Phoenix etc.

The college provides all necessary student services. Health services of the college are there to take care of each and every student of the college free of any costs. For sound mental health, students can take counseling services of the college. These services offers counseling sessions for students confronting any kind of personal or emotional problems.

Albany Medical College – A College In New York

Albany Medical CollegeAlbany Medical College is situated in Albany, New York. It’s a private institution. It was established in 1839. This college is actually a part of Albany Medical Center. It’s one of the oldest medical schools of United States. Some alumni of the college have won 2 Nobel Prizes and 2 Lasker Awards.


Some of the academic programs of the college are explained below:-
M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies- Expanding medicare and healthcare industry needs more and more professionals. There are good possibilities for people looking for career options as physician assistant.

M.S. in Nurse Anesthesiology- It is an advanced course for nurses, enabling them to manage patients while anesthesia practices. It takes career of nurses to next level.

M.S. in Bioethics- This programs acquaints students with ethics of biological and medical research. In other words it’s a study of ethics and moral values in biomedical sciences.

M.S. and Ph.D. in Cardiovascular Sciences- Cardiovascular science is related to study of functioning of heart. It entails all diseases and disorder related to heart and blood vessels. Modern lifestyle of people has made such ailments a very common thing to do. So students pursuing this degree cam expect good career opportunities.

M.S. and Ph.D. in Cell Biology and Cancer- Also known as cytology, cell biology is a science relating to physiological properties and structure of cell. Increasing number of cancer patients has made it necessary to have more professionals in this field.

M.S. and Ph.D. in Immunology and Microbial Disease- A lot of person can be seen complaining about loss of immunity or not having proper immunity. So, a degree in immunology and microbial diseases can open doors of lots of career opportunities.

M.S. and Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology and Neuroscience- Neuroscience is study of functioning and structure of nervous system. On the other hand neuropharmacology is the study of effects of drugs on nervous system.

The college is always there to guide you on any financial problems. Financial aid office of the college suggests students all scholarships, grants and loans they can apply for. It also runs psychological counseling for students facing emotional disturbances. These counseling sessions are being conducted in a very confidential manner so that privacy of the students doesn’t disturb. Moreover being a medical college itself it offers state of the art healthcare facilities to students.

Sarah Lawrence College – A College In New York

Sarah Lawrence CollegeSarah Lawrence College is a private college located in Westchester County in New York. The college was founded in 1926. It’s a liberal arts college. The college was founded in 1926. Its students come from 35 various countries. The college keeps student to faculty ratio at 9:1 to ensure excellent academic performance of all the students.

Some of the disciplines in which the college imparts education are –
Africana Studies – for those who want to know about African culture

Asian Studies- program explaining culture and traditions of Asian civilizations

Computer Science- for studying principles on which the computer works

Economics- program entailing relationship between available resources and possible usages of them

German – for knowledge of German language and culture

History- program explaining story of human traditions and past events

Japanese- for those who want to have knowledge of Japanese language and culture

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Studies- program including interdisciplinary courses concerning gender and sexuality issues

Modern Languages and Literatures – for those who want to study language and literature of various cultures

Physics- for those who want to make career in this branch of science

Psychology- program depicting nature of human psyche and behavioral pattern

Russian- for those who want to understand Russian language and culture

Sociology- program describing structure and functioning of human society

Visual Arts- program opening a number of career opportunities

When it comes to financial assistance, Sarah Lawrence College is doing quite well. The college offers all possible options. It provides a number of scholarship options to students. Qualifying students can avail these scholarships. But if anyone finds oneself unable of qualifying, student loans are there to meet the need. The college helps students in finding and obtaining appropriate loan.

Health services of the college include treatment for general illness and injuries. It provides all kinds of routine, preventive and emergency treatments. It also grants referrals for long term treatments if necessary. The college conducts educational programs on various health issues now and then to keep students informed about health problems. It pays good attention to the mental health of the students as well. The students can contact the college for guidance on any kind of psychological issues. If they find difficulty in adjusting in the college, any family issues or problems in relationships; the college is there to help them out.