Dowling College – A College In New York

Dowling College is a coeducational college offering liberal arts learning. The college is situated in Long Island, New York. It was founded in 1955. It’s a private institution. The college is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. More than 90% of the students of the college are employed either on full or part time basis which some where shows efficiency of college in terms of providing practical experience and financial assistance.Dowling College

The college endeavors very seriously to provide financial support to all the students of the college. Various scholarships granted by the college are Dr.and Mrs. Ralph H. Honsberger Scholarship, Dr. Bernadyn Kim Suh Award, Michael Wilson Scholarship, Captain Jodi Callahan Memorial Scholarship, Full Scholarship to Grantham University, Presidential Endowed Scholarship etc. However, if the students don’t qualify for the scholarships then the college will guide you on the ways to choose and raise student loans.

When it comes to undergraduate programs the college offers various minor and major programs in Accounting, Aviation Management, Criminal Justice Management, Elementary Education, Gerontology, Human Resource, Legal Studies, Media Studies, Philosophy, Pre-Professional Health, Quantitative Methods, Speech Communication, Web Design etc. Some of the graduate programs of the college are Educational Administration, Integrated Mathematics & Science Education, Banking & Finance, Management and Leadership, Childhood & Early Childhood Education, Special Education.

Some student clubs organized by the college are American Association of Airport Executives, Business Society, Council for Exceptional Children, Flight Simulation and Tutoring Club, History Club, Keeping it Real, Oakdale Hall Council, Pre-Law Society, Science Explorations Club, Science Explorations Club, Women in Aviation etc. Students can select any one of them to keep themselves recreated throughout their academic years. Each student organization is bound to have at least three meetings in each semester.

Health Services Office of the college is performing very well in maintaining good health and well being of the students. This department provides both regular and emergency treatments. The college is also very concerned about safety of the students. Campus Security Officers of the college are well educated about all aspects of safety and security of college premises.

The Career Services Center of Dowling College helps both students and alumni to find good job opportunities. It assists students in setting career goals, way to achieve them, conduct efficient job searches etc. It offers a number of services like providing tips on writing resume and cover letters, telling ways to face interviews, developing professional image etc.

Boricua College – A College In New York

Boricua CollegeBoricua college is situated in New York City, New York. It’s a post secondary college. It was established in 1974. It’s a private college. The college is affiliated with National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.


Some of the popular programs offered by the college are:-
Bachelor of Science in Human Services – This program can be chosen for pursuit of career as human service practitioner. These professionals provide consultancy and assistance to people for coping up with their adversities of life.

Master of Science in Human Services – Next step of Bachelor of Science in Human Services enabling students to pursue a good career in the field.

Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education – this program is for those who want to be educator. By getting a degree of this program you can be a teacher in childhood education.

Bilingual Education Extension Certificate – This program enables you to seek employment as an educator of bilingual programs. It gives you adroitness in two languages.

Master of Science in TESOL Education – This degree can be earned for pursuing career as teacher of English to speaker of other languages. English has become global language. So TESOL teachers are in high demand.

Bilingual Education Extension Certificate – It is a certificate program which offers study of two languages. It opens a number of career opportunities for students by enabling them interact in two languages.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – This program entails practices and procedures of business management. It doesn’t just enable you to find good managerial jobs but also develops entrepreneurship skills in case you want to establish a business of yours or join your family business.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences – These programs offer a number of courses to be chosen from. Some years back there was a belief that such programs don’t make people eligible for any jobs but nowadays the story has changed. A degree in such a program opens doors of a number of openings for you.

Bachelor of Arts in Inter-American Studies – If you want to know about American culture, this program is best for you. This program is combination of various courses relating Central, North and South American culture. It also establishes relationship among them.

Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies – If Latin American and Caribbean culture then you can go for degree in this program. It explains the relationship between culture of the people around Caribbean Sea and the Latin Americans.

For those who can’t afford the expenses of the college, there is full financial assistance. The college offers a number of educational grants and scholarships. If the student doesn’t qualify for them, then the college is there to help them raising student loans. Both the Federal and private loans are being disbursed there.

Vassar College – A College In New York

Vassar College

Vassar College is a private and coeducational liberal arts college which was established in 1861 and is located in the town of Poughkeepsie, New York. This college was first founded as women’s college in 1861 but later in 1969 it was transformed in coeducational college. College offers varieties of programs and plus there are some departments which proffer various programs.


Programs of College
Africana Studies Program – it promotes the study of people, cultures and institutions of Africa and the African Diaspora.

Earth Science and Society Program- In this program student’s gain knowledge of natural processes related to water, fossils etc.

Environmental Studies- it involves arts and humanities, natural and social sciences. It discovers he relation between environment and humanity.

Geography-Anthropology program – it is a combined program to examine the cultural, spatial and ecological relations of various societies.

Jewish Studies- it approaches to the history and diversity of Jewish culture of western and non-western societies.

Science, Technology and Society Program – this program engages the interaction between science, technology and political, historic and economical contexts which has been shaped by science and technology.

Women’s Studies Program- students make their own choices of courses but they must need to study have feminist theory as subject in their courses.


Departments of College
Biology Department – this department has various courses which are divided into levels like introductory, intermediate and advanced which offers study related to biological sciences.

Dance department- this department of Vassar College offers elective and non-major courses in dance.

Economic Department- there is all types of courses in this department, for whom who want to learn basics about economics or who want to have deep knowledge about economical facts.

English Department- for those who want to enhance their creative writing skills, want to have knowledge about literature etc, then this is the place to start from. Music Department- this department offers a general program which encompasses opportunities for majors and minors to discover the history, composition, performance and literature of the music in depth.

Department of Mathematics- this department offers various flexible majors i.e. students can tailor their courses as per their interest. Department of Religion- particular department gives an understanding of religions of diverse cultures, religious traditions and also an opportunity to explore religious problems which are prevailing in any society.

Student’s life at Vassar College

Students at Vassar College live a quality life. College offers various facilities to all students like bookstores, dining area, opportunity of athletics also so that they can create diversified opportunities for them.

Molloy College – A College In New York

Molloy CollegeMolloy College is a private college affiliated to Roman Catholic Church. It’s situated in Long Island, New York. The college was founded in 1955. The college has gained accreditation’s from Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York and The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Besides, it has also acquired some program specific accreditation’s from various organizations.


Undergraduate Programs offered by the College
Accounting – for enhancing accounting skills

Art and Fine Arts- for those artistic natured people who want to make career in arts

Business- for development of managerial skills

Computer Science – for knowledge of computer applications

English- for understanding English language in a better way

Interdisciplinary Studies- program allowing to chose from various courses

Mathematics and Computer Studies- for studying both the disciplines with a scientific approach

Music Education – preparing educators for music

Philosophy- for increasing wisdom through point of views of great people

Sociology and Anthropology- for understanding the ways through which human society operates

Theology and Religious Studies- for in-depth knowledge of various religions


Graduate programs offered by the college
Business– for those who want to acquire management positions in various settings

Criminal Justice- opening a number of career opportunities

Education- for those who want to impart education

Music Therapy– understanding positive impact of music on health of humans

Nursing- for those who want to pursue career as nurses

Social Work- for those who want to serve mankind

Speech Language Pathology- for understanding disorder of communication in humans

Molloy College also offers a doctoral program in nursing. Besides, college also provides some continuing and off-line learning programs.

The college wants all those students to join college who want to, regardless fo their backgrounds. So there are a number of merit scholarships like Dominican Academic Scholarships, Phi Theta Kapa Scholarship, Barbara Ellen Black Family Scholarship, Bogner Leadership Through Service Scholarship, Leidner Scholarship, Piluso Scholarship, Valerie Hawkes Collins Scholarship, Catherine Brajuka Memorial Scholarship, Paracleta Scholarship, Sister Grace Bletsch Scholarship, Dematteis Nursing Scholarship, Rosalie Goffner Scholarship etc. The college also assists those students who want to raise loans.

The college takes utmost care of health of all the students. Health services are provided by a registered nurse. Students can avail treatment for both general and emergency health situations. Career Development Center of the college is there to provide assistance to all students in establishing a good career. It helps on determining suitable career, define career goals etc. It also provides tips on resume building and facing interviews.

Hilbert College – A College In New York

Hilbert CollegeMother Collette Hilbert established the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph in the year 1897. Later in 1987 the Franciscan Community founded teachers training college for its members and after sometime institution expanded itself by offering degrees apart from teachers training to other men and women outside their institution. This institution later officially named as Hilbert College. This college is located in Hamburg, Ney York. Hilbert College is accredited by Higher Education Commission of the Middle States Association of Colleges and School. Degree programs of the college are registered by New York State Education Department. This institution comprises higher studies and learning in which holds Franciscan values and heritage. College offers different undergraduate and graduate programs.


Undergraduate programs and majors
Hilbert offers undergraduate degree in programs such as

Accounting – this program offers Bachelor degree in Science and Associate degree in Applied Science

Business Administration -Bachelor of Science Degree, Associate in Applied Science Degree in Business Administration and Associate in Applied Science Degree in Banking

Digital Media and Communication-this unique program gives degree in Bachelor of Arts.

Criminal Justice – this program offers degree in two programs i.e. Bachelor of Arts and Associate in Arts

Computer Security and Information Assurance -Bachelor of Science Degree

English –this program gives only Bachelor of Arts degree

Forensic Science –degree offered in this program is Bachelor of Science

Human Services – Bachelor of Science and Associate in Arts

Liberal Studies –it gives degree in legal studies i.e. Bachelor of Science

Liberal Arts -Associate in Arts degree prepares students for employment and job level

Paralegal Studies -Bachelor of Science and Associate in Applied Science Degree

Political Science – students get Bachelor of Arts Degree by studying topics related to government and public policies

Psychology –students can get Bachelors Degree in psychology program

Rehabilitation Services –with Bachelor of Science Degree in this field students can enter work as skilled professionals


Graduate Studies
Degree offered in this program is generally in two areas

Masters of Public Administration – this program is specially designed to encourage and develop leadership potential. Students in this program develop research level which is essential for decision making. They also get opportunity to work on research projects throughout their program.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration – after tremendous record in criminal justice study, Hilbert College has started given expertise degree in this program. In this program students enhance their skills in budgeting, management, finance and research.

Elmira College – A College In New York

Elmira CollegeElmira College was established in 1855 as a women’s college but later in 1969 it transformed into a coeducational institution. It’s situated in Southern Tier, New York. It’s a private college.

Some of the majors programs of the college are:-
American Studies – For understanding American culture through history and literature

Chemistry- for those who want to make career in chemical industry

English Literature- for studying artwork of great English writers and authors

Individualized Studies – program offered with lots of options to be selected from

Political Science- for understanding the functioning of government and role of people init

Theatre- for those who want to pursue career in theatre as actors, directors, presenters etc

Minor Programs

Biology – for study of living organisms for enhancement of life

Criminal Justice- for pursuit of career in career justice at local state or national level

French- for knowledge of French culture and literature

Mathematics – for enhancing mathematical skills

Spanish- for understanding Spanish language and culture

Women’s Studies- for exploring various fields through females’ perspective

The college offers lots of merit scholarships and awards including Valedictorian & Salutatorian Scholarships, Trustee Honor Scholarships, Mark Twain Honor Scholarships, transfer Honor Scholarships, Out of State Award etc. If the students in search of financial assistance fail to qualify for scholarships, they can go for student loans. The financial aid office of the college will provide complete information on all the loans available according to individual needs and profile of students. Moreover, students can also ask college to arrange employment opportunities during academic years.

Students organizations encouraged by the college include Chamber Singers, Danceline, Tap Ensemble, Classics Society, International Student Organization, Political Science Club, Spanish Club, Phi Beta Kappa, Psi Chi, Alpha Psi Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Lambda Iota Tau, Pi Gamma Mu, Criminal Justice Club, Nursing Club, Pre-Law Club, Legal Eagles, TEACH, Amnesty International, College Republicans, Christian Fellowship, EC Ambassadors, Orientation Leaders, Red Cross Club, Rotaract Club, Comic Book Club, Extreme Eagles, Gold Key Society, Outdoor Adventure Club, Resident Assistants, Student Athlete Advisory Board, Voices United of Elmira for Diversity etc.

Full time students of the college can access eminent healthcare services through the Clarke Health Center. These services can be availed from Monday to Friday. The center pays utmost attention to health of the students. It also provides psychological counseling by appointment. These counseling are helpful students in dealing with the stress and depression of student life. Whether students confront any family issues or are finding any difficulties in adjusting in the college they can have an appointment and seek counseling.

When it comes to career services, Elmira College offers a number of services. These services include defining career goals, strategizing job searches, mock interviews etc. They also help in finding internships.

Nyack College – A College In New York

Nyack CollegeNyack College is a private college situated in Nyack, New York. It’s an evangelical college religiously affiliated with Christian and Missionary Alliance. The college was founded in 1882. Efficiency of the college can be guessed by acknowledging the fact that 72% of the faculty members have gained doctoral degrees. The college is accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and chartered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of NY. Alliance Theological Seminary, Alliance Graduate School of Counseling, College of Bible and Christian Ministry, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business and Leadership, School of Education, School of Music Rockland, School of Nursing and Division of Adult Education.


Programs Offered by the College
Master of Divinity – program including courses related to biblical studies, spiritual formation, social science etc

Doctor of Ministry- program on biblical and theological base to prepare students to work in ministry

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy- preparing family counselors for making family issues of people less complex

Bachelors of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies- program entailing knowledge of the bible and Christian heritage

Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies- program allowing students to choose courses from various disciplines

Bachelor of Arts in English – For gaining adroitness in English

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology- for being dexterous in understanding human behavior and psyche

Master of Business Administration- for becoming master of business operations either to secure management positions or to run own business

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership- developing ethical leadership skills in students

Master of Science in Childhood Education – preparing educators for various institutions, schools and colleges

Bachelor of Science in early Childhood Education- for those who want to teach children

Bachelor of Science in Music in Worship- for those who enjoy religious music and want to make career in it

Bachelor in Music in Composition- program offering perfection in music composition

Bachelor of Science in nursing- for those who want pursue career in noble field of nursing

Nyack College Offers full assistance for students looking for financial assistance. Whether you are looking for students loans, scholarships, grants, work while study opportunities; the college will always be there to help you. Besides, career service of the college will help you to face any career challenge. It will serve you from very start by helping in choosing your career, and program according to that. It will also help you in resume building and learning interview skills.

Mercy College – A College In New York

Mercy CollegeMercy College is a private college offering liberal arts education. It’s located in Debbs Ferry, New York. The college was founded in 1950. It’s a nonprofit organization. It offers education through its five schools i.e. School of business, School of Education, School of Health and natural Sciences, School of Liberal Arts and School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Some of the Master programs offered by college through its various schools are
Masters in Business Administration – for those who want to secure managerial positions in business organizations

Masters in Public Accounting- for those who want to go to heights in field of accounting

Masters in Childhood Education- preparing teachers for childhood education

Advanced Certificate in Teaching literacy – in birth to grade 6 and grades 5 to 12

Doctorate in Physical Therapy- for pursuit of career in outpatient clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals etc

Masters in Nursing Administration- for acquiring leadership positions in healthcare organizations

Masters in English Literature – for those who have flair for writing

Masters in Cybersecurity- for those who want to fight cyber crime

Masters in Mental Health Counseling- for pursuit of career as mental health counselor

Masters in Health Services Management- program with lots of electives for better personalization of the program


Graduate programs
Bachelors in General Accounting – in comprehensive, Computer and Information Systems, Taxation and Financial Accounting

Bachelors in Business Administration- in general, Finance, Management, Sport Management, International Business and marketing

Bachelors in Exercise Science- for studying responses of human body on physical activities with scientific approach

Bachelors in Clinical Laboratory Science – preparing clinical laboratory technologists for various clinical tests

Bachelors in Media Studies- in Film/Culture, Journalism and Radio and Television Production

Bachelors in Computer Arts and Design- opening a number of career opportunities

Bachelors in Psychology- for those who want to analyze human behavior and psyche

Bachelors in behavioral Science- in general, Community Health, Health Services Management and Gerontology

Moreover, the college also conducts some programs online programs like Masters in Adolescence Education, Bachelors in Business Administration, Bachelors in Computer Information Systems, Masters in Human Resource Management, Masters in Nursing Administration, Masters in Web Strategy and Design etc. It also offers pre proffessional programs in dentistry, medicine, Veterinary, Law and Osteopathy. Some customized programs are also being offered by the college.

For students looking for financial aids, Mercy College is having all expected options. Various scholarships open to qualifying students are Mercy College Opportunity Scholarship, Transfer President’s Scholarship, Daddy Short Legs Scholarship, E.L. Franz Scholarships, Mortimer Levitt Scholarships, Rockland Community College Transfer Scholarship, Luzette Ceneus Scholarships, The Linda Christof Guglielmo Scholarships, Gioietta and Alberto Vitale Scholarship, Carol Burnett Scholarship, Michael I. Muro Scholarship, Juan Miguel Roldan Scholarship, College Department Scholarships etc. Students can also contact college for student loans, apprenticeship programs and employment while studying.