Hobart and William Smith Colleges – New York

Hobart and William Smith CollegesThis college is the combine corporation of two colleges namely Hobart College for men and William Smith College for women. This college was establishes in 1797 and offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in teaching. The system of this college is based on two-college system which is rooted in interdisciplinary teaching and research. Both colleges shares similar faculty, study material, campus, administration and curriculum but the only difference is that women graduate from William Smith College and men from Hobart College. The main aim of these colleges is to create student- centered learning environment. Different programs offered by the college are listed below


Major Programs
Hobart and William Smith Colleges offer number of majors and some of the majors are discussed below.

American Studies – this program takes American culture which combines humanities approach and critical social science.

Arts and Education Program- it gives students an opportunity to inspect the role of arts in nurturing cultural and personal development.

Classics- this program explores different aspects of culture and language of ancient Rome and Greece.

Dance – this degree program makes students expertise in choreography, performance and teaching.

European Studies- this program gives space to students to discover and accept the culture, language, philosophy and history of different nations.

LGBT Studies- this program is for those who want to study about different genders and their identities as they exists today and their evolution overtime also.

Media and Society – this program draws attention upon art, cultural, psychological studies and literary theory to observe the media’s representation of views and ideas.

Religious Studies- this program simply gives an opportunity to study different religions

Writing and Rhetoric- this program approaches writing as both art and craft. Students learn to express their ideas and thoughts in creative ways by paying attention to flair of writing and grammar.


Minor Programs
Some of the minors of the college are

Aesthetics – through this program student understands the importance of artistic expression and they also gain an insight to look into nature.

Child Advocacy- this minor program helps student to understand the children related issues specially the problems faced by them regarding education, emotional support, health and social contacts.

Development Studies – in this minor student get to know different perspective on the meaning of development and the ways to achieve it

Men’s Study- in this student study about the evolution, identity and lives of men through sociological and historical framework.

Theatre-this minor is for those who have interest in acting and they also explore literature and performance of the theatre.

Vaughn College of Aeronautics And Technology – New York

Vaughn College of Aeronautics and TechnologyVaughn College was first established in 1932 in Newark, New Jersey but it was renamed as college of Aeronautics and Technology in New York in 2004. This college previously was the Academy of Aeronautics which is a private academy and was specialized with only aviation and engineering. Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. This College offers bachelors, masters and associate degree programs in engineering, technology, management and aviation.


Aviation Degree Programs
Vaughn College offers bachelors and associate degree in aviation program and prepares students for exciting career options.

Bachelor of science degree in Aircraft Operation

Bachelors degree in Aviation maintenance

Bachelors of Science in Aviation Maintenance Management

Associate and Applied Science degree in Aircraft Operations

Associate degree in Aviation Maintenance


Engineering and Technology
College provides degree programs in this field in subjects including mechatronics engineering, electronic engineering with avionics and mechanical engineering program in computer-aided designs or aeronautical operations.

Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics engineering

Aeronautical bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and Technology

Bachelors in Computer-aided designs which is again related to mechanical engineering and technology

Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering and Technology with avionics

General electronics bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering and Technology

College also offers associate degree in this field which are listed below

Associate in Applied Science degree in Electronic Engineering and Technology with Avionics

Associate degree in Aeronautical Engineering Technology i.e. pre-engineering

Associate Applied Science degree in Animation and Digital Technologies


Management program offered by college helps students in setting their course for a successful management career. College offers bachelors, masters and associate degree in different management field.

Bachelor of Science degree in General Management

Bachelors degree in Airline Management

Bachelor of Science in Airport Management

Bachelors degree in Aviation Maintenance Management degree (which also comes under Aviation program)

Vaughn College offers Master of Science degree in management field only in one program i.e. Airport Management. This program is applied to modern management concepts to aviation environment to provide skill and knowledge of airport and related business.

Associate degree offered by college in management field is again Airport Management. It is a two year program which combines math, science and liberal arts with normal management and airport management courses.

Apart from academics, Vaughn also offers most exciting and enjoyable life at its campus. There are also various sources of entertainment which are few mile away from campus such as restaurants, museum and exciting clubs.